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Conclave & Brocon in Limerick, Ireland

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Well with Limerick no longer being the murder capital of Europe it seems the locals have decided to hold a tournament in a bid to attract visitors. Ok, two of them. They must be making up for lost time. They're holding the events in the nicest part of the city - out by the University so no fear there.

There's two events on in July. The first is a one day 40k event on the 10th called Conclave out in the Castletroy Park Hotel and this should have all the details.

The second is Brocon but that may be booked out, partly because they have some Cosplayer or pornstar or whatever...all I know is there's some savage model has a site and likes to play dress-up and dress-down on it. Brocon's site should explain a bit more. It's on the 18th of July but word reaches me that it may be sold out already.

Both are 1750 points and ranked events for the Irish ETC team. That doesn't mean anything if you aren't going for the ETC team so don't worry, there won't be any weird rules additions. It's just the Rulebook plus Codices plus FAQ's (not Adepticon's though).

Hopefully we'll get a decent turn out for both as there's already a big contingent from the Real Capital heading up to both.
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If Cork's forwards could kick a ball straight between the posts or they had taken that young fella O'Neill off earlier there'd be no need for a replay and we'd have pulled away in the last few minutes. Instead they keep giving the ball to the one pleb that can't shoot on the run...

I'll not comment on the sheep-shagging. You Kerrymen muck savages would be the experts on that. :p

I'll have my Wolves with me if I can get them painted, otherwise it'll be Stormraven BA.
There'll probably be a painting prize and you won't win it but apart from that there'll be no problem as there's always someone that doesn't have their army fully finished. Or someone that is still painting/basing their army the morning of the event, like when they're deploying...:blush:
God no. What about just painting the top of the bases green or brown or something? Just daub it on and it'll count. Easy :)
Something I've is head to a builder's providers and just ask for some sand. I filled a few plastic containers I got from a Chinese with it and he only charged me a euro. There had to be an upside to the collapse of the economy I suppose.

I just plaster PVA glue onto the base and dip it into the sand and I'm done. Hopefully on time for the tourneys this time. Even a Kerryman could get it finished in a week. :p
The job. The more the merrier. I'm trying to organise lifts up at the moment but there's load of them gone to Skibb for the weekend so I've to wait til next week. We've got 10 already with a few more trying to pull strings i.e. getting the boss/wife to approve.

That's 10 people, only 4 cars so far but I reckon we'll get 15 easily enough. There'll easily be 40 people playing so it should be fairly competitive too. Now go and paint your schtuff.
I'm going to send him an email in over the weekend so he can answer more of that stuff but as far as I know there will be 3 multi-objective missions with a 15/10/5 scoring system using differences in victory points to give a +1/-1 for every 250 point difference between the players. Its actually a good system.

Eg you get 2 objectives and your opponent gets 1 so you win getting 15. Your opponent has done 1000 points of damage to you but you've only done 250 to him. Your score will be 12 - 8.

Painting doesn't get you points and there'll be a seperate competition for that. I've got a big list of FAQs for him to get through so I'll pass them onto him so he can put them up too.
Reg 9-10.45 Starts 11.00
Points 1750.
Each player plays 3 rounds.
1 day - Saturday 10th July in Casteltroy Park Hotel (across from the main entrance to UL).

€10 entry to Con, €10 for tourney but I'll be haggling. There's the official price anyway.

1. All armies Must be 1750 points or less, Any body found over this will be penalised on the day.
2. Special characters are allowed.
3. Each player must have a copy of the codex, rules, and any FAQ’s about his army.
4. MISSIONS AND DEPLOYMENT: Missions and deployment will be decided randomly at each round and will apply to every battle in that round. Each mission/deployment combination will only be played once. This is to ensure that no army is unfairly penalised.
5. All terrain will have rules listed for it on the day.
6. All armies must be codex legal, Imperial armour, Apocalypse, planet strike and formations rules are not allowed, also the recent WITCH HUNTER/Daemon hunter lists do not apply, only the printed codex’s and Faq’s.
7. If a player is using allies they must have both codex’s
8. To avoid Bloodshed, loss of limb’s, relationship’s shattered, and realms falling apart, players CANNOT REFUSE their opponent rolling their dice during the game.
9. All points for determining battles only will be based on the ETC system.
10. No points will be given for armies painted however armies must at least meet the three colour rule. Also a prize for best painted army, decided by the players will be given on the day.
11. No points will be given for army lists however these will be checked throughout the day and any infractions will be penalised based on the judge’s discretion.
12. NO PROXIES, What you see is what you get, Conversions are allowed subject to a judges decision if required.

There you go LR. We'll be getting there about half 10 so we can meet up then. There's a few other lads that are posting here that are going so we'll see you up there.
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Nice one - there's 4 or 5 Warheads, 11 from Cork, and about 20 from Limerick going so we should hit the 40 mark (unless you're counting yourself with the 'heads) with the usual last-minuters.

Should be good craic. Must get painting - only 16 Marines, 4 tanks, 2 characters and a pile of Wolf fur to go...
You get your shit painted yet?

The group of us from Cork are going to be heading up at 9am and we'll get to Stab City for about half 10 so what we were going to do was enter as a big block and get a discount on the entry so if you fancy hanging on for us we might all get in cheaper. :)

Got 3 colours on all the models but have to sex them up to make them look pretty now.
For Conclave this Saturday there are places left. :) For Brocon there aren't, it's fully booked and the army lists have been submitted already.

Conclave 40k is having registration from 9.30 am til 10.30 am and games are expected to begin at 11 am. That's out in the Castletroy Park Hotel and there'll be a pile of Cork lads in the lobby at about half 10.

Its 1750 points games by the way. If there's any questions that haven't already been answered then send me a PM.
Just finishing off my baal turret. Do you know if extra armour has to be modelled on??

There's going to be lots more confusing stuff there so I hardly think EA on a tank is going to be the biggest of their worries.

I've just about got 3 colours on all of my fellas now. The tanks haven't been repainted either but I'll simply bring what I can.
Nobody said the 3 colours have to match sure so half your army could be different
Oh they will be. If all of them have yellow shoulder pads and squad indicators I'll be delighted. Everything else will be an homogenous blob. :oops:
I'll be seeing a couple of people from here up in Limerick tomorrow morning. There's one or two lads on the forum are travelling up with me and if I remember the camera I'll do a fancy batrep. I didn't manage to get everything finished (fuck all basing done) but everything has 3 colours and weapons are wysiwyg so I'm happy with it until Brocon next week.
I know. Most of us (Cork lads) made a big push to have our stuff painted and/or based in the last few days and we managed to get it done (I'd no basing though). One of the lads here made a few comments about wanting that to be enforced strictly but that was a minor gripe.

Meant to say that there might be space for Brocon if you're interested. The organisers managed to get a few more tables so there should be space and most of the Irish ETC team are practicing their lists there and there are rumoured to be spot prizes for anyone that beats one of the team...

I'm hoping to get the final colours and basing on the stuff done this week. Happy with how I ended up, especially as I lost my first game badly when I should have done better. Live and learn.

How did your buddies do?
Study? You repeating exams or something?

Brocon is this weekend (July 18th) in UL so back to Limerick for you. I've managed to get the TO to hold a few places so if you're interested then let me know as there's approx 50 have their names down already so should be savage (with better prizes than Conclave too).

You do need to pre-submit your list but I can pass you on a guy's to email if you want. The only thing is you'd need to act fast as its proving fucktardedly popular.
Pity, there's a veritable horde of people heading up to it.

The results should be up on Rankings HQ in the next few days aswell so keep your eyes peeled for it. The lads didn't write down who was playing what army but the names and points should all be there anyway.

Got to go and paint some more stuff. There's no rest for the wicked. Good luck with the repeats.
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