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The bolthole's main attraction is a monthly competition (usually called RiaR) where a whole bunch of people submit 1000 word stories, and then everybody votes on which are the best. There's some very, very high quality work that goes into that mini competition.

Other people run competitions of their own, but that's really the only mainstay competition. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly espouse the Black Library Bolthole!

Black Library itself did have an open, non-themed submissions window a few months ago, for which the results will soon be back (Eeeeeeeeee! IwishIhopeIwishIhopeIwishIhope...). That window is now closed.

However, BL HAS reopened the window until October 22nd, on some rather specific conditions--the most important of which being you can only submit stories about Ahriman, Lucius, Typhus or Khârn.

Here, I'll let you read for yourself.
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