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It makes more sense to run 3 units of 10 rather than 2 units of 15.
They can split their fire between 3 targets rather than 2.
Several times i have scored 10+ penetrating hits on a Rhino, and regretted splitting up the squad.
If your pointing your lootaz at rhinos, you're doing it wrong (unless its first turn and there are ONLY rhinos on the table). In nearly all cases, its better to deal with any artillery and anything that needs to be wasted by mass wounding (Termies, troop choices, etc). Use your battlewagons to ram rhinos and if you blow em up, then disembark your boyz to assault. Additionally, its fairly easy to lose a couple of lootas to random bolter fire from drop pods/rhinos/etc. Having a couple to take wounds and keep you fearless is nearly worth it on its own.

Here is the list any help would be appreciated. Tournament coming up soon hoping to bring Orks this time. :grin:

Warboss- Bosspole, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Mega Armor
Big Mek-Kustom Force Field, Burna, Bosspole, Cybork Body
Burna Boyz (15)
Lootas (15)
Lootas (15)
Ork Boyz (12)-Shootas, Big Shoota, Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
Ork Boyz (12)-Shootas, Big Shoota, Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
Meganobz (5)-Kombi Skorchas, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
Fast Attack
Warbuggies (2)
Twin-linked Rokkit Lauchas, Wartrakks
Heavy Support
Battlewagon- Two Big Shootas, Reinforced Ram, Armor Plates, Red Paint Job
Looted Wagon-Boomgun, 'Ard Case, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
Looted Wagon-Boomgun, 'Ard Case, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
The list itself is more of a friendly list vs. a purely comp. list. For a truly comp. list, you need to look at a battlewagon type list sprinkled with nob bikers (insert groan here).

Contrary to popular belief, boyz are not the way to go anymore. A lot of the top tier armies have more than enough ways to deal with boyz and once you hit assault with them, you're probably going to be whittled down in numbers. Additionally, boyz can't really stand up in combat anymore to some of the newer armies troop choices. Looking at grey hunters/wolf guard /w standard and assault marines with FNP bubbles. They will most likely out-manuever you if your on foot or pop your truck if your driving - denying you FC and crippling you with bolter fire. IG have enough templates to toss a couple your way as well. Boyz still have their use, I prefer shoota boyz in battlewagons. Do a couple of drive bys/deff rollas and then use them to clean up in assault once the squad is manageable.

I'm not really a fan of burna boyz. They're pretty decent but I find you can spend better points elsewhere.

For the most part, you can ignore everything in the fast attack slot as well as the heavy slot baring battlewagons.

Warboss's are fine for a cheap CC character, I would consider a bike with him and some nob bikers as T6 really helps him out but ultimately, all it takes is 1 str 10 pf and all your left with is a 5+.

At the 2000 point range, you can afford to add a bit more of a punch to your HQ choices, lately I've been using Ghaz. Compared to some of hte other SC we're seeing, he's a bargain at his current cost. He makes a great assassination character for something you have no other way of dealing with. 13 PK attacks protected by T5 and 2+ invuln save makes short work of most characters/MC which will chew threw your nobz. My ghaz almost never makes it through the game but he soaks up so much damage and meats out pure fury.

Lastly, Nob bikers are still a super comp. choice. Nothing beats 2 wounds, T5, FNP and wound allocation coupled with quick moving, most likely scoring, multi-assaulting. Really, the only things you need to watch out for are JotWW (not too common anymore) and an abundance of str 8 weaponry in combat (you should have your 3+ cover save from TB most of the time out of combat).

If you look at a lot of the top Ork lists from this year, you'll see a couple of battlewagons stuffed with boyz, backed up with lootas and nob bikers. Simple and effective. Your goal is to soften everything up with lootas, deff rollas and shoota boyz and look for multi-assaults with the nob bikers.

My current 2000 point list looks like this (actually taking it to BIGCON this weekend)

Big Mek /w KFF, Burna

7 Nob bikers -
PK & Bosspole
PK & ammo runt
big choppa & Waaagh Banner
Ammo Runt

14 Lootas (I'm considering dropping these and trying to fit in another wagon even if its naked).

5 Meganobz /w battlewagon - deffrolla (not a super comp. choice but I have some awesome conversion that I can't help to use. I usually point these at troop choices that need to die). Ghaz and Big Mek join here - no grot rigger as the big mek has tools.

20 shoota boyz /w 2 big shootas, nob /w pk, bp

20 shoota boyz /w 2 big shootas, nob /w pk, bp

2 battlewagons /w deffrollas, grot riggers

As you can see, not a lot of boyz. I basically use them to soften up targets or mass wound termies, stuff to that effect. Make the battlewagons scoring. Plus, their protected by 14 AV and a 4+ cover save for the most part in addition to being fairly low on target priority. The battlewagons scream towards the enemies lines following the TB nob bikers.

Pro's of this list - lots of str 10/9 hits from rams/deff rolls/PKs, ability to multi-assault units and win, speed, high toughness/armour, nearly entirely protected by cover saves.

Con's of this list - low model count, only 3 scoring units, minimal ranged support.

Hope this helps.
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