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...Ok I can't be bothered going through your points just to find out what point level you are playing, ot even what exorbident amount you are paying for the trukks or wagons. Instead I will play a game of "you are going to hate me and not take my advice"

1 too many lootaz, they are optimal in groups of 8-11 no more no less, there is a reason... mostly centered around wasted shots.

Burnas are great, they go in the wagon, no exceptions.

drop everything from the mek except the KFF, If he hits combat h will die before he uses any of the other crap he has on him.

2 warbuggies are pointless. they will die before the end of turn 1 unless you hide them, and then they will not get a decent shot off.... with wartrakks they are expensive for what they are

Take that ram off the wagon and put on a deff rolla, it is the only reliable thing we have for AV14 except PK.

Trukk set up is ok, but they are AV 10. Imagine 12 boyz covered in paper. That is essentially what you have in a trukk. As you know troops are important, in an ork list it is pretty much what we do best. 24 boyz + 5 meganobz as troops choices are not going to cut it. They will die and run, you will cry and your opponent will laugh. They are not marines (or CSM) or any form of MEQ for that matter, they have a 6+ save. and they will run if you kill 5 of them. So imagine this scenario. 1 squad of marines shoots the trukk with bolters. it dies, another squad shoots the orks 5 die. they run. and all it took was 2 squads of marines. It gets worse if I start talking IG or nids.

Looted wagons are unreliable, but I guess passable (not so much for tourney though)

Tell you what though, If you are going for a soft score list, this may do ok (except the 20 lootaz, everyone hates those).

I hate to be so harsh but you said tournament and my head goes hyper competitive.


Read this



They are both pretty epic in terms of length but are both stupidly valuable resources on writing lists
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