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Crimzzen, your army is powerful up close, but IMO it would be much better if you:
a) had a few grots for holding objectives
b) got rid of the nob bikers, sure they may be powerful but for 451pts there not worth it
c) changed the boyz to slugga boyz
recently i've been using a 4 battle wagon army list and i've had great success with it (havent yet lost with it and won all but 1 which was drawn because i forgot my tactics.):
Gazghkull - 225
Big mek (KFF) - 85

8 Burna Boyz - 120
7 Lootas - 105
7 Lootas - 105

20 Slugga Boyz (nob with PK and BP) - 160
20 Slugga Boyz (nob with PK and BP) - 160
11 Shoota Boyz (nob with PK and BP mounted in a Trukk) - 141
11 Grots (runtheard) - 43
8 Meganobz (mounted in BW described below) - 320
BW (Deff Rolla, GR, Armour Plates, 2 BS) - 135

Heavy Support
2 BW (Deff Rolla, GR, Armour Plates, 2 BS) - 135 * 2 = 270
BW (Deff Rola, AP, 2BS) - 130

Total = 1999

i sometimes replace 1 of the shoota boyz for reinforced ram for the trukk

the shoota boyz are there to gaurd the rear of your battle wagons from deep strikers and outflanking units
Ghaz goes with the meganobz for an ultimate killy squad
big mek goes with the burnas in 1 of the battle wagons and protects the BWs
Boyz go forward in BWs to kill stuff in CC
grots hide but hold your objective
lootas stick at the back and kill transports and light armourd tanks (especially ones that poes a threat eg vendetta gunship)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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