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Hi guys,

Local meta has become progressively more competative and I am playing catch-up. Looking for any advice and assistance with my list please.

Path of Hero's
Shadowseer (Warlord)
Solitaire (+Cegorach's Rose)
Death Jester

Aspect Warrior Host (+BS)
4 Warp Spiders (+Exarch)
4 Warp Spiders (+Exarch)
4 Warp Spiders (+Exarch)

Dreamwalker Formation
Wraithknight - Wraithcannons x2
Wraithknight - Wraithcannons x2
Wraithknight - Sword and Shield

Allied Detachement
2 Incubi (+Klaivex +Venom)
5 Kabalite Warriors


I knwo about SL spam on Jetbikes and have 15 of them. Also have 4 Jetseers and 10 Jetlocks, to round out the list I have 2 Prisms, 3 Serpents and 15 Fire Dragons.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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