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Hi guys,

Been a while since I have posted here because I have been leading the charge on a system to help balance the game out.

The game has gotten pretty crazy since 5th edition and with the new Eldar rumors it seems now more than ever tournaments need to employ some kind of comp system.

Community Comp is a system to grade the power level of armies ultimately for use as a comp score in tournaments but is also very useful as a yard stick for causal games.
When grading your army you will compare which units you have in your army to the relevant pages in the Community Comp document and tally up all the "credits" you have spent.

Community Comp is a dynamic system that changes when new books come out and is periodically tweaked for a constant pursuit of more accurate scoring.
We recognise that no one person or even small group of people can ever have enough experience to judge the power of an army without bias.
To minimise the bias we maintain a council of 15 people to engage in rigorous debate about how many credits each unit or combo should cost and we are constantly probing the community for feedback and suggestions.

In addition to the comp scoring we have made a set of custom missions that go a long way to providing balance by giving players multiple angles from which to approach the mission.
Basically you stick a capped kill points component, Eternal War component and a slightly modified Maelstrom of war component into one mission.
Players earn VPs from each component which all add together and the most VPs wins.

You can find all this on our website www.communitycomp.org/
or contact us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/CommunityComp
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@paddlepop lion Do you have a link for further reading?

(Edit)Lol missed it in first post
yea well they dont make it easy for us i wont lie lol.

This new Decurion style detachment thing they are bringing out is bit of a problem for our detachment restrictions but we are getting around it.

If the rumors for the new eldar jetbikes are true its going to be a tough nut to crack :(
How do you determine the costs of units? Or do you just agree on a number?

Before I go any further....

I like the idea, but disagree on the method of balancing. After going over, I can see reasons for some costs but other costs seem a bit high.

Your balancing also kills a lot of fluff aspects, making this game just a game. Might as well stick to chess.

I find the best way to balance games is with point limitations. I enjoy playing 500 point games, sure you can make some cheese lists. But with a bit of "realism" its not too had to add a few restrictions or build a story to play out.

But then again what do I know, I did quit playing competitive after 4th ed. Why? Dark eldar. But that's neither here nor their.

Its your game, enjoy it your way and I will enjoy my fluff style of Play.

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essentially we look at the unit and the kinds of armies its likley to appear in and the way they contribute to the power level of those armies.
Then we make a targeted cost designed to hit spesisfically the thing that needs the cost but to leave other things alone.

This is why some things seem high, they are costed in context not in vacuum.

Really it doesnt get in the way of fluff at all its purely concerned with the power level of the game aspect, you as a player make lists according to your fluff boner.
The system HELPS fluff players because it softens the general power level of the tournament scene which allows players who make non optimal choices for fluff reasons arent having to face armies that are as strong.
The only time it will suck to be a fluff player is when your fluff would dictate that you bring are really really strong army and even then if you dont care about winning the event you can still do it.

The things you have raised are valid concerns that is always raised when people are introduced to the system but when you start making lists and seeing events use it then you realise they arent a problem
Fair enough, I will continue to build my csm / daemon list via the comp rules.

I will post the list here when done, I do like a challenge.

mine was 12 at the time and the pod army was 6.

My eldar has recently incurred an extra credit in asurmen so its now a 13.

We have basically decided after a very very large ammount of deliberation and several wide polls of the community and constant probing that there is a thick sentiment in the community that some super heavies are too much to deal with in comp game.
One of our fundimental principals that guide our decision making is:
"is it reasonable to expect that an average comp army can deal with this?"

an imperial knight most armies can either kill or dodge, 2 of them quite often they can kill one and dodge the other but 3 is getting pretty hard to deal with.
A stompa is more than twice as hard to kill as a knight but it also shoots 7 very dangerous weapons on the first turn a can kill a huge sectiion of a marine list on turn 1.

The obelisk from necrons is banned because the guns shoot 270 degrees so it can very easily lay down 20 HITS of s7 per turn and is tough enough that it will do that every turn for the whole game. its jsut too much to kill and too much to weather for most armies. the tesseract labrynth is even worse.

we have jsut released an imperial armor expansion pack with quite a few super heavies that are legal.
And the stompa is on par with the imperial knight....
that is some peoples opinion but its not shared buy the wider community and not by the council.

At some point in the future (a time which is determained by how much help we get from the community) we will be releasing an apocalypse package where all these things will be legal.
But untill then models like the stompa we have determained are just too big for an average comp army to be expected to deal with.
That is understandable, I just feel if the stompa is banned the imperial knight and wraithknight should also be banned.

(Wraithknight after the new eldar dex drops)

But that's my 2¢ not the councils.

I will agree that we will disagree on how the comp rules are presented.

Hey are the comp rules going to be made into an excellent sheet or an app?
@paddlepop lion very cool. I look forward to further updates about this.
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