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Hi guys,

Been a while since I have posted here because I have been leading the charge on a system to help balance the game out.

The game has gotten pretty crazy since 5th edition and with the new Eldar rumors it seems now more than ever tournaments need to employ some kind of comp system.

Community Comp is a system to grade the power level of armies ultimately for use as a comp score in tournaments but is also very useful as a yard stick for causal games.
When grading your army you will compare which units you have in your army to the relevant pages in the Community Comp document and tally up all the "credits" you have spent.

Community Comp is a dynamic system that changes when new books come out and is periodically tweaked for a constant pursuit of more accurate scoring.
We recognise that no one person or even small group of people can ever have enough experience to judge the power of an army without bias.
To minimise the bias we maintain a council of 15 people to engage in rigorous debate about how many credits each unit or combo should cost and we are constantly probing the community for feedback and suggestions.

In addition to the comp scoring we have made a set of custom missions that go a long way to providing balance by giving players multiple angles from which to approach the mission.
Basically you stick a capped kill points component, Eternal War component and a slightly modified Maelstrom of war component into one mission.
Players earn VPs from each component which all add together and the most VPs wins.

You can find all this on our website www.communitycomp.org/
or contact us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/CommunityComp
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I am actually scared by your blatant delusion about bringing "balance" on WH40K :laugh:
Lots of work on this stuff...still, have you playtested it? I'd like to view/read some battle reports and list build using your credit system.
Honestly, and no offense, it looks like Sisyphus endeavour... (yeat, here i am, reading trough the document...)

EDIT: also, i note that Kayros with grimore comes in at 14 (or am i mistaken?) credits, wich is 2 Imperial Knights...something feels wrong here...
Also, 2 land raiders are considered the same as an Imperial Knight...while the necron monolith is just 1 point??? again, wrongness ensues, imo.
And you BANNED the stompa??
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mumble mumble...those two lists seems fair enough. how many comp-points are those?

Still, i can't see a reason to ban some units...D weapons?
I need to calculate my own list with this...
So, using "The Dog Show Tournament" rules: 1850 pts
I spent 9 points on this list (so i'd begin tourney with 22,2 tourney points). Single CAD, CODEX: CSM


20 Chaos Marines
Icon of excess
2 meltaguns

35 Cultists
3 flamers

15 Cultists
10 Autoguns

3 x 1 Obliterators

5 Nurgle Spawns

5 Nurgle Spawns

5 Nurgle Bikers
2 meltaguns

5 Terminators
Icon of Excess
Lightning claw champ.
4 combi plasma

I'm not fully convinced. Might want to playtest it whit some friends.
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we have jsut released an imperial armor expansion pack with quite a few super heavies that are legal.
link? :)

That is understandable, I just feel if the stompa is banned the imperial knight and wraithknight should also be banned.
100% agree.

i understand how a stompa shooting is scarier than a knight..but i can have an army of three knights...and be perfectly legal... anyway... :)
thanks :)
I think I was negatively impressed, but the more i look at the file, the more it grows on me. Still, it has its bad.spots, but i think it's better than the LVO tourney rules...also better than many other events...
Anyway i think that (just like Vaz said) most of the "balacing" comes from changing the meta, not with unit restriction but basically giving certain units an handicap in tourney points ('cause in the end, it's what the system does). Still, a better solution than most to "competitify" (it's not an actual word...) a "beer and pretzel" game system, where "that guy" shouldn't even be allowed to get near the table. :)
I will..in some days :)
Real life is somewhat bitchy...

EDIT: i could begin with my CSM point of view. I feel that some units have been highly priced due to the possible abuse they imply, like Nurgle Spawns and Obliterators. However, those high pricings feels "in a vacuum" because the steep price for 3 nurgle obliterators (5 points!) is ridiculous, compared to what 5 points can buy in the same system. Also, nurgle oblits can be good, but should be taken in context. Example: they should cost more if deployed with fearless characters or if you include in your army a divination source. 3 oblits can be multiplied even with the presence of any fortification. I know, you already pay for the fort. or the divinator, but..a divinator with 3 common obliterators in to a fortification will cost waay less than said obliterators with MoNurgle... however, the divinator and oblits in fort. can be way more dangerous than the marked oblits.
This is just an example to say that even comcomp has its shenanigans and thus, partially, is just changing the meta.
Moreover, Havocs as C1...strongly disagree. Should be ruled that only certain equipment cause them to be C1 ( i guess massed autocannon is the problem here) but trust me, handycapping Havocs with plasmaguns in rhino...is truly unfair :)
Then, the +1 tax for each 55 models, is ok for some armies but not for others. I understand it's a way to keep people from spamming models, but since you already cover that in a precise way for each army (orks hordes are at a premius as do IG blobs...) why penalize even those who try to build an army tah can work with just some more models? You can't really compare 55 cultists (+1) to 55 boyz (at a +2 IIRC). Cultists should be +0 and then Ork boyz could be good at +2. Maybe i am wrong with some calculations here (and thius my reasoning is moot), please point that out if so.
Again i think you should penalize absurde power creeping alliances. Tau + Tyranids? power creep. CSM + knights? power creep. Eldar + Tau.. etc etc etc.. namely the two last level of alliance should be penalized. And this WILL penalize some armies more than others (xeno, more than imperium) but i've seen lots of absurde necron + orks, tau + tyranids and so on lists, used to abuse "that" OP unit. Also, more than 1 CAD should come at a premium. Who relies on the basics, should be rewarded. All this new "decurion" type of list, really make a dent in your system. But even Alliance and Dual CAD can be crippling, imo, when it comes to list balance.
So, maybe, dual cad +0.5 , Alliance +0.5 to +1.5, decurion type detachment from 0.5 to 2.0...just throwing numbers around to express an idea, if you understand what i mean.
Sorry, but my english is not perfect...can't express proper toughts besides kinky and creepy ones...
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Nurgle oblits are actually 2 credits for a unit of 3 actually. maybe ill have to have another look at the table and see if i can clarify it some more.
mmh, i was reading the table in a stupid way it seems. My bad! Anyway, a personla feeling is that you should not tax the number of oblits, but the number of units. 3 single oblits are WAY more powerful than an unit of three (being forced to use all the same weapons, not being fearless, not benefiting from MSU etc.)

You actually have limited detachment options in CC. You will notice there is a page for detachemts which details it.
you cant have double CAD and we are debating now making the decurion style detachment take up all your detachments which will probably change in the next update in june.
Eh, i misreaded the Detachment explanations. Maybe you could make it a bit more "idiot-proof" (such as me :) ) with some examples. It means i can take 1 CAD, 1 Formation and 1 "small codex" formation? So, CSM CAD , Allied daemon and Helcult formation?

Great to hear you are working on "decurion style" shit. i'm curoius about the outcome...

Anyway, my point on penalizing extra-single CAD choices stand.

Also, thanks for the patience! Thats makes you credit!
But by taking three singles you are using all heavy slots, so you're already limiting yourself in that sense. I really like the CSM limitations
True indeed.

This army is 7 points under comcomp system. This is ridiculous.
Any chance this will be fixed? (whit centurion formations, of course)
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