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The ITC ("Independent Tournament Circuit") here in the States has started throwing together an FAQ to use in their events. It's somewhat controversial since it goes out of its way to actually change a few rules that it feels needs nerfs or are phrased unclearly (such as making Invisibility less OP), but still--almost of the entries are necessary and common-sense. Quite a few big tourneys have started using these rules, which are mostly curated by Frontline Gaming, I think, but there are a lot of tourneys that have started adopting it.

The ITC unofficial FAQ can be found here.

The ITC also has their own missions that are sort of a combination of Maelstrom and Eternal War that is a more competitive and balanced play mode, with primary, secondary and tertiary objectives all in play--one of which is randomly-rolled mini-Maelstrom goals every turn.

Those can be found further down the page here, if you're interested.
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