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Commissions - how much to charge?

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Hey - I thought I'd get some peoples' opinions about this one. I'm starting to get people (here and elsewhere) asking me if I do commissions and would consider doing stuff for them; apart from the obvious worry of not being good enough to make whatever it is they end up asking for, the big issue I have is that I haven't the faintest clue how to work out how much to ask for something like a commissioned sculpt :)

So...any and all advice would be welcomed. There are a few things that people have asked me for that would actually be quite interesting to make, but as busy as I always seem to be I don't want to spend ages making something for someone for a pittance. But then again, neither would I want to overcharge...
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And on that note just remember that some people have no idea what you should charge, so don't be offended if someone lowballs you ... they might honestly not know what its worth. For example, if I hired you to weld some metal plates together, I know what that would cost and how long it should take. I do that stuff for a living and am familiar with it, but if I asked you to put together Titan and paint it up ... completely lost, never done it and I would start at $150 plus materials, paint, etc. Is this reasonable? I honestly don't know, but I do know that your time is worth money because you are doing something that I either can't because of lack of skills or won't because of lack of time. Work with them and try and explain why it costs what it does ... most people, if truly interested, will work with you.
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