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Hey guys, I've been working on a project for another customer of mine. This time it's good old Blood Angels. For now it's 10 Sternguard, five Vanguard and five Sanguinary Guard.

First I did a test mini:

The customer approved enthusiastically so on we went. Only thing is that he prefers corroded metal on the meltagun rather than the green.

Here are some WIP pictures:

I haven't painted any regular Marines in a while and it's always good to some back. I'm not a Marine player myself, or at least haven't been in a long time, but there is something all-encompassingly cool about Marines in power armour. :) On a side note: Blood Angels indeed were my first army when I got into 40k. But then it was 2nd edition and the Blood Angels were all over the place (box cover, campaign book, and so on). First codex I got too.

Hope you like them!

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Awesome :good:
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