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Hello, I'm Commissar Ploss, the new acting Commissar of the Tanith First. I shall be supplementing the presence of Commissar Hark from now on. I would like to start by saying...

...Oh for Throne's sake!...WHAT!


...i dont see what that has to do...


...cant you address that later...


...*sigh*, fine! you win...Alright! Listen Up! Junior Commissar Ludd here would like me to point out the multiple dress infractions which, i'm SURE can be explained at a later time,:punish: so, allow me to prevent this from being a long drawn-out mushy introduction by saying this;

The Tanith First and Only are the finest oufit that i have ever seen! YOU are the Emporers chosen! Those whom he calls upon FIRST to inflict His wrath upon the Ruinous Powers:threaten: and any other feth-forsaken soul that dare curse the Golden Throne!

So say it with me Men of Tanith!




hi i'm new here and i'd just like to say that Warhammer 40k is my vice in life...haha...ahem...well, sorry, i hope i didn't overdo it on the introduction...:victory:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts