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Mad Mek
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OK, as a follow up to the Army list I posted yesterday (?).

Combat Patrol:

Warphead (attached to shoota boyz mob)

Nob (PK,bossbole)
10 boyz (shootas)
in a trukk (red, riggers)

Nob (PK,bossbole)
11 boyz (sluggas choppa)
in a trukk (red, riggers, stikkbomb chucka)


Game 1:
Space wolves

Grey hunters in Rhino

5/6 Scouts

I got first turn, the slugga trukk moved forward 19" behind a building. The shoota trukk moved up 13" for LOS/range on the loaded Rhino (scouts in reserve).
The warphead rolled Zzap (I kept this result:biggrin:), Destroyed the rhino and pinned the squad (1x casualty also). The shootas had a go and brought another marine down (20 shots going in).

Turn 2:
moved up the slugga trukk for assault, held the shoota trukk back - but managed to teleport the mob out of the safety of the trukk and toward the rhino with the warpheads roll:no:
A round of shooting whittled the marines some more.
Now in assault range for both mobz, the space wolves got first strike across the board (in cover). Lost 2 boys.
My combat wiped him out before the PF sgt got to swing (well with about 70 S4 attacks coming in!!)

His scouts didn't show

Turns 3, 4 & 5:

His scouts turned up back across the table, so mounted back up in the trukks and raced at them. In the mean-time the warphead re-rolled an 'Eadbanger and got the option for +1 attack (with no chance of combat).

Scouts shot a trukk out from under me which took out a couple of boys, but piled into him with a waagh from the warphead ..... "good night Vienna":victory:

Losses: a trukk & 6 boyz

Game 2:
combat squads of Raptors, Chosen (5x plasmas!!!), and Troops.

he got first turn after deploying safely behind a building, moved the chosen through but kept the rest back (? for counter assault- sensible:so_happy:)
He was in range for 2 plasmas which took out the trukks bigshoota. He blew 1 of his own up but saved all the others.
I moved upto assault with the slugga mob, disembarked the warphead etc. and shot with everything i could. The warphead caught all of the chosen with frazzle (after a re-roll), but only took 1 out (cover save), everything else took down another 1.
Combat massacred the chosen (1 boy lost) and they moved around, looking for the raptors.

Turn 2
The troops poked around from behind the building, firing at the dismounted warphead et al. 6 shots, 6 hits, 6 wounds....6 dead boyz!!

The raptors charged the sluggas but fumbled, the boyz whittled them down in reply and they ran (intercepted!).

The Warpheads mob boyz passed the test with the aid of the bosspole (& another casualty!) and he launched a devastating attack that popped a head in his own squad -- yes ... 2 ones rolled for 'Eadbanger.

Turn 3 & 4
The last CSM squad charged the sluggas and spent 2 turns in combat until they too fell. While the other mob race across the table to try to join in.

Losses: lotz of boys, but nothing of value!!!

Game 3
2x Guardian squads with Warlocks (conceal)
3x Warwalkers (strange blasty type things???)

I got first turn, moved the warphead trukk up behind a level 2 hill, the slugga trukk around the back of a building.
The warphead re-rolled to get Frazzle and managed to glance then destroy a walker:eek:k:
He replied with misses from one walker, but the other taking out their trukk. The ramshackle roll allowed them to calmly exit the burning trukk and duck in the wreckage behind the hill, so no further shots into them.

Turn 2
The sluggas raced around the bulding to assault the walker ,the warpheads mob moved upto the hill.
Nothing of interest from the warphead, but the sluggas took down the walker with a mass of choppas (glancing again) at the loss of 2 of their number.

In reply he moved his guardians together and back, readying for the onslaught. One warlock failed his conceal roll ... and promptly fell to the perils of the warp!!!!
Easily Taking down the sluggas boyz in front of them with a storm of Shiruken. Only the Nob left ... he promptly fell back to fight another day!:wink:

Turn 3 was just surreal!!!!!!

I called a Waagghh and moved the warpheads mob up to within charge range of one squad of guardians; the other I thought "What the hell!" .. and chanced a tankshock with the lonely trukk (stikk bomb chucka) ...... The squad ran off the table:shok:

In disbelief, and staring at a marauding mob ready to disassemble what was left......... he conceeded!

:victory: Losses: One mob

Well 3 for 3!

My views were that the Orks are great; never underestimate the power of the shootas (assault 2 now), charging they are awesome but can still hold their own when dropped down to S3, even with the loss of the choppa rule.

The ramshackle rules make the trukks entertaining and rebalances the open topped drawbacks.

And the Warphead ........:fuck: Excellent fun and value whilst there are plenty of boyz around. I don't think a normal weirdboy would be as good, so the extra points for the upgrade are essential.

I can't wait to get bigger games done, with a Wazdakka army revving up, I think I'll have to add a Weird boy Tower onto a Battlewagon!!!!!!!!

And Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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warlocks dont have to take perils of the warp test

he shouldnt of taken guardians

the walkers i can agree on but i dotn have nay so i would of taken something different

ps congrats on your win

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Congrats on your victories!

I never thought that orks would appeal to me but after buying the new codex and reading through it, I was very impressed. So Impressed that I threw a few lists together and bought a box of boyz. I havent had the time to sit down and build them yet and due to finances I am unable to expand my collection but Im sure in time I will get around to it. So keep up the Waaagh! and I look forward to hearing about more Ork victories in the future.

Mad Mek
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Very nice. I was worried that the warphead would get killed in close combat (2 wounds, T4, 6+ save, and can be targeted by models in base contact or assisting a model in base contact) but it seems to have done well for itself. .
Ahh, He never made it into base contact (I kept him .. ahem ... at the back,:blush:) I didn't want to risk it (for your reasons) besides, there were plenty of boyz elbowing him out of the way to get at the enemy:angel:

If I was unlucky enough to get him in though eg after a pile-in move (no-one got the chance to charge his mob on this night), Ihe could have helped with possible power weapon attacks, or +1 attacks for the boys.

"Red Wunz go Fasta!!"

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Burnas sting like no ones business! orks on orks, burna boyz a must have :D flamers are the death of orks :D
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