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Combat patrol list

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Well, my friend and I are in a doubles tournament, again, for the second time. Last time we got 3rd place, and it was 400 pts each. But at the upcoming saturday,2/02/08, we are doing the same thing, except the staff jigged the rules. As in normal combat patrol, we know rules such as 400 pts, tank armor up to 33, and all that. But this time we are doing 500 ots and 34 tank armor add-up. So here's my frind's list:

24 fire warriors (squads of 12)
2 devilfish
(100 pts left undecided. I'll up-date ASAP)

Simple mobile Tau. I'm going for close combat type list. Here is what I have used:

10 khorne Berzerkers with a skull champion, who had a power fist
Rhino for the Khorne Berzerkers
7 marines

It was decent, right? So i have another 100 points to spare. I just need advice, particularly chaos players, and feel free to take something out or add something from the following list:

Terminator lord/sorcerer
5 chosen
5 terminators
5 possesed
5 havocs
2 spawn (avaliable for gift of chaos)
25 marines
7 plague marines
+ what i had for a previous army list

Remember to make it based on close combat, and list like the equipment and stuff like that. I would also like to add that after Saturday, 2/02/08, please close this off, and stop posting on it. And if anyone who is... I don't know what to call you, "staff", or basically anyone who can close off the postings, I guess it can be called, please do after the previously stated time. well, thanks for everyone's time!
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Two squads of 8 berserkers, both in Rhinos, done. It appears you don't have the extra berserkers, so just give your marines a rhino and give them a tooled-up champion to help in CC. Sh#%, it seems you don't have another rhino either... Well I have assembled and painted a rhino in one evening so you can too! :-D
As for the Tau, either add a suit or a couple weapon upgrades for a bit more anti-tank, anti-MC.
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