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Combat Patrol Forces

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Does anyone have any tips for picking forces for Combat Patrol games? What races make for good CP teams, and what's a good make-up for a squad?

I'm thinking that putting together a Patrol squad is a good easy way for me to get back into the game quickly while I work on getting my main army match fit.

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I don't want cheese, just something that's fun to play with, maybe something shooty. Tau possibly?
Yeah, I'm not concerned so much with winning, just with having a laugh.
Well, maybe not that much of a laugh!

Although converting up some Gretchin Pirates could be fun... :wink:

No, by "having a laugh" I mean in the British sense of "just for fun", rather than literally for laughs.

royemunson said:
Well what army do you want to do and we can sort out an army list.
Well, that's what I'm asking. What armies do people find are good to play Patrol games with? I can work out the army list part for myself.
That's an interesting idea, and one that I could easily do, as I'd have the models anyway, as part of my Cult (aside from the Commissar, but I could proxy him). I'll think about that one, thanks!
Is that likely in a 400pt battle?

So speed seems to be the key. I'll have a think. Thanks for all the help everyone!
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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