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Combat Patrol Forces

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Does anyone have any tips for picking forces for Combat Patrol games? What races make for good CP teams, and what's a good make-up for a squad?

I'm thinking that putting together a Patrol squad is a good easy way for me to get back into the game quickly while I work on getting my main army match fit.

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kelvingreen said:
Yeah, I'm not concerned so much with winning, just with having a laugh.
if you want a true laugh, then i suggest the following themes;

guard 'no man's land' scouting/assault force:
- conscripts led by an independant commissar
- mortar support platoon
- sentinel/s
(give them the warrior weapons doctrine to make it even more cruel on the poor conscripts!)

all gretchin ork force.
- grot mobs w/slaver
- grot artillery
- grot piloted killa kans! :twisted:

tyranid 'feeding' swarm
- rippers
- rippers
- rippers...
- maybe more rippers!

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any army can be used to make fun combat patrol lists... it's more a choice of what kind of theme do you want to run with!

still, you'd be amazed at just how lethal the independent commissar conscript mob really is! once they fail a moral test, the commissar shoots one unlucky chap and takes over, making the unit amost fearless! (if another test is ever failed, well, one more conscript gets a bullet to the head for failing in his duty!)
supported by a cheap heavy weapon platoon with heavy bolters and a sentinel, it would make a decent list really...

kelvingreen said:
That's an interesting idea, and one that I could easily do, as I'd have the models anyway, as part of my Cult (aside from the Commissar, but I could proxy him). I'll think about that one, thanks!
for a genestealer cult yes?
hmmmm... well i would imagine the "commissar" could easily be a psyker being controled and manipulated by the patriarch itself?

1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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