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Combat Patrol Forces

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Does anyone have any tips for picking forces for Combat Patrol games? What races make for good CP teams, and what's a good make-up for a squad?

I'm thinking that putting together a Patrol squad is a good easy way for me to get back into the game quickly while I work on getting my main army match fit.

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Depends what army you want to do, for full cheese you could have necron destroyer army, or a eldar vyper army, Always seems that fast does well.
Tau could work, if you want fluffy then you could have fire warrior squad in a devil fish, gun drones and steath suits not sure on the points but would fit with a small recon force.

I always like doing fluffy 400pt lists, i know they wont always win but an army just of the scouting options in an army list will always look good.
Well what army do you want to do and we can sort out an army list.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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