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Greetings all.

I am in the creation phase of a Combat Patrol campaign that leads into a massive Apocalypse battle, for our local group "Brothers-In-Arms".

Here is the premise:

All Combat Patrol (40k in 40 min) rules apply, with the following addition. Each army is given a max 100 point reserve list that can only be swapped out between games. I have set the campaign on the planet Faustus Secondus (a planet of my own creation) which sets centrally in the galaxy. My initial thoughts were that the planet contained the remains of an ancient civilization and within that was discovered several pieces of very important Xenotech. Each race has sent small insertion forces (combat patrols) onto the planet in order to build and maintain control points thoughout the planet, with the intent of gaining a foothold which would allow them the resources to launch a massive worldwide assault. (this would be the grand battle between the top 2 victory point holders after 6 games)

What I need from you as a community is background motivation for each of the races on why they would take an interest in this planet and it Xenotech.

Thank you in advance for all your help. Each reply that contains a viable motivation will be acknowledged in the campaign notes and made known to the members of "Brothers-In-Arms"


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for a planet that sits centrally in the galaxy, finding a reason for all races to be able to get to the planet may be a problem. that can easily be sorted though.

imperials - all want to recover the technology to use it or destroy it

orks - like a good fight

eldar - perhaps its a piece of eldar tech and they also want to recover it

dark eldar - planet has been plauged with DE raids for a while, and they just come with the package. they dont necessarily want the xenotech

tau - interested in technology

or somthing along those lines.

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Right, a couple of general points, some questions, and some suggestions.

If you're playing with all races, your planet needs to be in the Eastern rim; this is where the Tau are and this is where the tyranids are, and they can't/won't reach the rest of the galaxy yet, due to 1 - no warp travel (a primary reason for the Tau being interested in alien technology - I mean alien to the Tau of course) and 2 - not having slaughtered their way into the galactic centre.

How could all the races know about the technology? Why would eg tyranids care? Do you have an idea about what the technology is?

I'd suggest a new power source, that would get most races interested; Orks to power a hulk, Tau to power a warp-drive, Chaos to blow a hole in reality and let more deamons in, Eldar to power up part of the webway that hasn't been able to be used or something equally inscrutable, the Imperium to lock it in a box down a hole somewhere coz it's probably blasphemous (possibility of infighting between Marines, Witchunters, guard etc as differnt imperial factions have different agendas), 'nids because it just so happens to be a big beacon that they're homing in on, dark eldar because if they don't get it someone else will and then become more powerful, and the Necrons because it's like theirs.

Or not, feel free to use and discard as much as you like!


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Nice run down and ideas Red Orc. Would you mind if I explanded upon it. My free time is limited at the moment so I don't really have that much time to create full scale sceneros but I can probably find time to flesh out ideas and provocations.

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We could write an intro for each race/faction as a starter maybe?

Heres a sort of idea of what I mean. ( **** are blanks for facts you can fill in accoringly.)


Emperors Faith
Designation. Blade Class scout ship.
+++++ Transmit. Authorization code 07.23 BY .55678684656749v76557+++++

Accessing Navel code level Ac13f

Code accepted, clearance beta......

******* Sector+++ Segmentum ********


Faustus Secondus.[M40***]
Commander Erel Barnice.

Hostile contact made with two unknown ships believed to be Eldar Raiders.

We have destroyed one of the ships and the other fled after sustaining severe damage.

83% damage to the Emperors Faith.
Life support offline.
Engines offline.
91% casualties sustained.
Appoximatly 3hrs oxygen in undamaged decks.
Captian Raghen. Deceased.
Commissar Ele Dritch. Deceased. (Commendation for repulsion of boarders.see attachment 13if.)

This will be our last report. May the Emperor receive our souls. Commander Erel Barnice.

+++uploading file Faustus Secondus survey+++


As ordered we have carried out an orbital survey of the planet Faustus Secondus my Lords.

Our initial scans revealed:

That Fauustus Secondus is inhabited by a low tech race of reptilian bipeds, in a scattered poputation of tribal groups.
Technological levels reached; the highest achievement of thes xenos is stone building. Weapons threat negligilble.

These xenos seem to inhabit the ruins of what was once an advanced planet. City Plans can be made out from our scans.

Power spike located on largest continent of unknown type. Ground team despatched for further investigation. Contact lost immediately after planetfall.

Two unknown ships detected, ship to battle stations. Planet scan suspended.

May our faith be our shield and our rightiousness our sword.

Captian Jan Raghen.

+++Report Ends+++

Feel free to polish and correct it folks, its just an idea and there is plenty of gaps so that scenario details could be added.

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