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I need some help expanding my current army to a good 2500 pts tournament army. I plan on buying some units this weekend (May 15, 2010), so if your advice comes before then that’s just amazing. I am doing this as a future goal for my list to look like before the end of the year and so I don’t spend a lot of money buying units I don’t like or can’t play well. Also if someone could point me in the right direction for building a list with the units that I own and will be bought that would be most kind.

Below: First is the list of current units I own; Second is a list of units I would like to buy (If they don’t fit into my army then please tell me); and Third is my current play style with my Space Marine army and what armies I play the most against.

Units I currently own:

(mag) = magnetized

• Captain (AoBR) x1
-w/ power sword and boltgun

• Tactical squad #1 (10 man)
-w/ Flamer and Missile Launcher
• Tactical squad #2 (10 man)
-w/Meltagun and Missile Launcher
• Tactical squad #3 (10 man) (mag)
-Meltagun or Flamer
-Missile Launcher/ etc.
-Power fist
• Tactical squad #4 (10 man) (mag)
-Meltagun or Flamer
-Missile launcher/ etc.
-power fist
• Scout squad #1 (5 man)
-(will magnetize soon The number of options is below)
-shotguns (x4)
-bolters (x4)
-CCW and Pistol (x5)
-heavy bolter (x1)
• Scout squad #2 (5 man)
-Snipers (x4)
-Missile launcher (x1)

Dedicated Transports:
• Rhino #1
-storm bolter (x1)
• Rhino #2
-storm bolter (x1)

(Black Reach terminators not box set, bought blister assault cannon)
• Terminator Squad #1 (5 man)
• Terminator Squad #2 (5 man)
-Assault cannon
• Dreadnought #1
-Multi melta
• Dreadnought #2
-Assault Cannon or Lascannon
-DCCW (HF or HB) or Missile Launcher

Fast Attack:
• Assault Squad (10 man)
-can become two squads (5 figs are backpack mag)
-flamer (x2)
-power fist (x2)

Heavy Support
• Devastators squad (10 man) (4 mag)
-Lascannon (x2)
-Heavy Bolter (x2)
-Plasma Cannon (x2)
-Multi Melta (x1)
-Missile launcher (x1)
• Predator (mag)
-HB/ LC spon
-AC/ tl LC
-storm bolter

Units I want to add/buy:
Librarian (grey knight terminator)
- w/Terminator armor and storm bolter
Pedro Kantor
Rhino (x2)
Drop Pod (x2)
Land Raider (original or Crusader)
Sternguard Veteran Squad – (10 men)
Land Speeder (x3)

Army Tactics Style:
The play tactics for me and my space marines are: I play a mobile-gun line that almost always has at least two units moving on the field, with my lack of mechanized units most infantry move around the field on foot. All UNITS are to support each other and the advancing infantry (Tactical Squads and Terminators) receive most of the long range fire support (Predator and/or Dreadnoughts). I love to play Assault Marines, so that they can counter assault any units that need to be destroyed or have reached my gun line. Some games I might play a very Static gun line, but most are mobile and capable of assaulting when needed. The Space Marines have been very loyal to me (But I can’t say that about my dice:ireful2:. LOL).

I mostly play an Ork player and an Eldar player (but the Eldar player has switched to Imperial Guard:laugh: Flashlights!!!) and both are developing players having started about the same time.

I do feel like I’m missing good (Counter) Assault units and Large Blast Templates (but I don’t like Vindicators so much).

Thanks for reading, and Thanks for the Advice in Advance!!!!

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Pedro and Sternguard are sick. I want to have 15 more sternguard (I have 15 already and pedro). Imagine 3 full sternguard squads with Pedro! Great move man. :p A nice investment is Drop Pods. I love Drop Pods, I suggest you grab a bunch and try your hand at a drop pod army.

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pending how much you are going to buy is really the problem imo.

if you have the $$ to spend id get some assault squads & rhinos (or preds - they become rhinos real quick if your good with magnets im sure)

other than that id buy pedro & a tact squad & convert them into sternguard - or 1 sternguard box & a combat squad for the more expensive route.
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