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Ok following Bloodcuddler of Khorne's amazing work on rules for blood ravens I decided to write rules for my own Chapter the Sons of Cymreig. Here is the fluff which will explain the special rules.

The Sons had always been an upstanding and zealous chapter. they had fought in numerous crusades across the galaxy and had become firm allies with the Black Templars. However the star system they inhabited was invaded by Orks and nearly over run. However following a long and protracted war in which the Sons where nearly destroyed the WAaagh was repulsed. However The Orks were the least of the chapters woes. about 200 years later in which time the chapter was once again nearly at full strength Marneus calgar Master of the Ultramarines suggested that the Sons of Cymreig should be annexed along with their fleet and territory by the Ultramarines chapter Master Llewellyn ap Gruffydd Sent a rather terse replie to Calgar which included more than a fair share of curse words. Calgar would not let this impudent up start chapter insult his glorious legion again. He lead 7 companies of Marines as well as well over 100 regiments of Guard to display the error of the Sons ways. Upon arriving he offered the Gruffydd an offer duel him and win and have his fleet leave or the planet would be blasted apart. if he lost the duel the planet would simply be invaded. Gruffydd then pondered his next course of action. Taking aside two of his finest captains; Madoc captain of the Fleet and Owain Glyndwr master of the second company he devised a plan. Madoc would lead the fleet on a first strike in which Gruffydd and two companies of marines would land on Calgar's ship to confront him. Madoc would then leave with 4 companies of marines while Glyndwr would carry out the chapters signature hit and run warfare on the planet below. However this would prove to be his undoing. The plan went well. Madoc severely damaged the ultramarines fleet before retreating else where. However Gruffydd was killed by calgar in single combat and then used the pre-emptive strike as a excuse to say that the sons were traitors. Glyndwr fought a protracted campaign against the Ultramarines. he still holds to this day castles in the northern highlands. Where he recruits new marines with the banks of depleted geneseed. However he has no more than a company at a time. Calgar has established a chapter the lions of maccrage to watch over cymreig as glyndwr plans to restore the sons to their former glory. as for Madoc, he and his men are on the way to Terra to seek the blessing of the only one who knows the truth, the Emperor.

Ok here are the rules:

General army rules: using all units and rules in codex space marines with the following amendments

dynion o gysgod( men of shadow). All models gain infiltrate and scout. Replacing combat tactics. All infantry models may purchase camo claoks at +3pts per model.

Cnawd dros dur( flesh over steel) due to most of the chapter armoury being lost the sons may use only 1 land raider per force and may not use more than two of any none transport option vehicle.

dim ond y fradychu a'r Ymerawdwr yn gwybod y gwir(only the betrayed and the Emperor know the truth) The sons of Cymreig may ally only to dark angels ( the parent chapter and the only one to believe the Sons of Cymreig's tale)

preferred enemy: Ultramarines, orks

Sons of Ancient Caliban: Instead of bikes the sons ride Calabian war horses. this means that they become cavalry. However they may still turbo boost( these horses are quick. As well as move through cover.( cant be used together) they also gain a rough rider lance ( the cavalry are the nobility of the planet). this replaces the twin linked bolt guns. they also become toughness 4.

They gain access to the following unit as an elite choice replacing stern guard:
Shadow marine squad:
Marine 4 4 5 4 1 2 4 8 3+ 25

Sergeant 4 5 4 4 1 2 4 9 3+ 30

sniper rifle, combat knife, bolt pistol, camo cloak, frag and krak grenades
The sergeant may exchange his combat knife for a power sword at + 15pts
He may take meltabombs at +5pts
Special rules:
This unit is always deployed into wooded/ mountainous terrain if possible. This terrain may be anywhere on the board. If not the are deployed by infiltrate. When deployed in this type of terrain they may not be shot or charged at unless they have shot. Note if they have charged another unit in terrain they still receive the bonus as they ambush and slit the throats of their enemy. If they have shot then they are targeted and charge using the nigh fighting rules. However if they leave the terrain they deployed in then they loose this bonus and cannot regain it for the rest of the game.

Children of Cymreig: while moving in woodland or mountainous terrain the unit suffers no penalties
When using A Sons of Cymreig army you may choose one of the following remnant factions ( representing Glyndwr and Madoc):

Madoc's Marauders
A heavy burden: Madoc's men all know the pressure put on them by their mission. they are therefore stubborn.
A chapter's due: Madoc took most of the chapter's heavy gear with him when he left however he did not take many horses. Bikes are 0-1 however flesh over steel does not apply. Caestus assault rams are dedicated transports.

captain madoc
6 5 4 4 3 4 5 10 2+/4\+ 200

Power sword, plasma pistol, frag grenades, krak grenades
Special rules
orbital bombardment
The room of charts:
The flag ship of the sons the Draig Goch ( red Dragon) has a room with charts of just about every star system and planet as well as warp routes and even the webway. Therefore any outflanking unit may choose which board edge it arrives from.
Blessing of the Emperor:
MAdoc and any unit he has joined have the litanies of hate rule and are fearless.

Followers of Glyndwr:
For hearth and home: in close combat all of Glyndwr's units count as fearless.
Ride to ruin: Bikes may be taken as troop choices.
Strength in hearts not steel: Glyndwr's faction may take no vehicles.
Captain Owain Glyndwr

6 6 4 4 3 4 6 10 2+/4\+

Bolter with hell fire shells, relic blade, Bolt pistol, frag and Krak grenades. at + 15 pts he may ride a war horse

Special rules
Death to the invaders: Glyndwr fights for his home land and will never retreat. he and his squad are fearless.
Guerilla warfare: All units in the army gain hit and run.
Inspiring presence: Any unit within 12" of Glyndwr may use his leadership for any check involving leadership.
Prepared ambush: Glyndwr always plans an effective ambush on his foes. To represent this during set up the player gets d6 worth of frag traps from the catachan codex and may set-up one infantry unit as per the ambush rules.

please tell me what i CAN TO TO BALANCE THE ARMY/ IMPROVE IT

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I do like the concept of bringing a map, clearly something no-one else in the universe has, Master of the Fleet only makes it more likely your out flankers wont get lost.

on a more serious note Your Captain Dude is too cheap surely

Space Marine Captain with Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Artificer Armour is 145pts. So you're paying 15pts for Orbital Bombardment, an Extra Attack and 2 Special rules.

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