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Having seen so much negativity with the new codex, I have decided to do a more positive review. I find it to be quite exciting with fun possibilities. That said, there are some poorer choices, though I feel that has more to do with the edition than the codex. That said, the ratings I give units, rules and wargear are in comparison to the rest of the codex and not necessarily other armies, unless noted otherwise.

I have gotten a couple games in already, but I will update as I get more games if I find my initial thoughts to be false. Please feel free to share positive feedback or if you notice I make an error. Otherwise, I hope people enjoy.


Realspace Raiders Detachment: A

This detachment plays to the idea of lightning quick strikes. With the removal of a Lord of War and Fortification option, you gain access to 6 Fast Attack choices. This can allow for some speedy and scalpel sharp strikes. It may even see the birth of a Dark Eldar air force. While fragile, that could unleash significant firepower. The adding of enhanced cover saves for turn 1 and during Night does help the overall army as well. My initial feeling is that this army must fight a Blitzkrieg war to succeed. Pounce on your enemy's strongest unit and knock them reeling.

Kabalite Raiding Party: B

At a bare minimum of 1065 points, this is certainly a pricey formation. But it does allow for many possibilities and brings good firepower. There is also the bonus to Power from Pain, so long as the Archon is alive. But to make the most of this will easily run 2000 points and leave you lacking in air power or other Fast Attacks, not to mention Elites or Heavy Supports. And having so many Troops without Objective Secured is a curious oddity.

Army Special Rules:

Combat Drugs: B

These are still rolled randomly but none boost Power from Pain. Four of the six will be a great boon to the units with Combat Drugs. But Hypex and Splintermind will rarely be a bonus to these units.

Power from Pain: C

The idea that the entire army benefits from this now, regardless of kills is interesting. However, there is such a slow start to it that many will jump on the few options to enhance it. Sliding each benefit up one turn would not be too powerful either.

Warlord Traits:

Ancient Evil: B

Creating a 12" Fear bubble is nice. Except when facing anything immune to it. Fortunately, you can re-roll if facing one of those armies.

Labyrinthine Cunning: A

Easily the best result, especially with the heavy bent toward Deep Striking in this codex. With it, you can re-roll to Seize the Iniative, turn 1 Night Fighting and every Reserve Roll.

Soulthirst: C

While Rage on a close combat Warlord is nice, this does nothing for the rest of the army.

Hatred Eternal: C

Much like Rage, giving just the Warlord Hatred is too weak.

Blood Dancer: F

Given the high WS of most of the Warlords, this is almost pointless. Only a Succubus really gets any benefit, going from WS8 to WS9.

Towering Arrogance: A

A 12" Fearless bubble is pretty nice and certainly one of the better traits.

General Wargear:

Melee Weapons

Power Sword: D

Being limited to the sword for the same cost as every other army is a let down. Fortunately, most models that can take this have better options.

Agoniser: B

In exchange for a slight point increase this became officially poisoned(4+). That does allow for re-rolls to wound vs T3 but not against MEQ where you really want an AP3 weapon to perform.

Special Weapons

Shredder: B

Staying the same cost and stats but gaining Shred, you may see more of these. It does however compete with the Blaster, which has proven itself time and again. But Shredder Born could be a thing to deal with hordes.

Blaster: A

No changes here. Still a good anti-tank weapon that goes on some of the more mobile units.

Heavy Weapons

Haywire Blaster: B

This still appears to be among the better choices for Scourges and is unchanged.

Heat Lance: C

Getting a small point decrease but no other changes leaves this in an odd spot. It gives Scourges or Reavers something for anti-tank that can be pressed into anti-heavy infantry. But needing to be 9" away for melta is risky.

Splinter Cannon: C/A

Increasing in points for infantry and becoming 6/4 Salvo makes this a slightly worse option. But for Venom spamming or on the Talos it is completely unchanged.

Dark Lance: B

For Kabilite units, this saw a point drop. But for Scourges and vehicles it got a small increase. But it is unchanged and will still fit the same spots in a list.

Arcane Wargear

Haywire Grenades: D

For their new cost and severely limited availability, this is an "if-you-have-spare-points" item. It does give some anti-armor to units that would otherwise be little more than a speed bump to a Dreadnought.

Soul-trap: B

This stayed the same points but changed radically. It no longer requires a Leadership check but Challenges to function. Furthermore, it no longer doubles strength but increases it by 1 per wound. I'm hopeful for this but need to test it still.

Phantasm Grenade Launcher: C

No longer offering assault or defensive grenades and being useless against ATSKNF and Fearless leaves this very situational, even with a point reduction. If your local meta sees lots of not Fearless hordes it could be worth it.

Clone Field: B

For the same points this is vastly improved. But only an Archon and Urien can use it. But if you don't have points for a Shadow Field, this could work in a pinch.

Webway Portal: A

Keeping the same points but allowing the unit and vehicle the bearer is attached to be able to Deep Strike without scatter is powerful. This feels like a must include and has plenty of cheesy options popping up. It guarantees delivering a surgically precise blow.

Shadow Field: A

Seeing a point increase does not detract much from this item. Especially since it keeps the invul save until the end of the phase in which the bearer receives an unsaved wound. Sadly, Archons only. And of course it can't combine with a Clone Field.

Weapons of Torture

Mindphase Gauntlet: D

While cheap, there are much better weapons for the Covens. Concussive will rarely be a better benefit than other weapons.

Flesh Gauntlet: B

This is now half as expensive but only has ID on a to wound of a 6. But still wounding anything on a 4+ is a benefit. Grotesques essentially get them for free.

Scissorhand: C

This is a little cheaper but is Poison 4+, not 3+, and it lost the bonus attack. On the plus side, it has Rending.

Venom Blade: D

Doubling in points and only being available for Acothysts is very disappointing. But it did stay Poison 2+.

Electrocorrosive Whip: C

This stayed the same points and remained AP3. But it is Poison 5+ and Concussive. Only Acothysts can take this as well.

Tools of Torment

Stinger Pistol: B

Still a Poison 2+ pistol for the same cost.

Hexrifle: B

This got a small point reduction but only has Instant Death on Precision Shots. But that does make it perhaps the nastiest Sniper Rifle in the game.

Liquifier Gun: C

This saw a point increase and is now S3. The variable AP remains, meaning it can be nasty. But the lower strength can't guarantee the wound output as before.

Wych Cult Weapons

Hydra Gauntlets: A

All the Wych weapons dropped in points and became AP5. But this is by far the better option since it has Shred and Wyches do struggle to wound MEQ.

Razorflails: C

These allow the bearer to re-roll to hit. But compared to wounding, Wyches tend to hit easier. But it is AP5 unlike other ccw choices.

Shardnet and Impaler: B

Though Lilith and the Succubus can take just an Impaler, you will most likely see the pair, which is by far better and more efficient for your points. The pair essentially give you Preffered Enemy in close combat. With just the Impaler, only the to wound rolls of 1 are re-rolled.

Vehicle Equipment

Chain Snares: F

Allowing Dark Eldar vehicles to Tank Shock is rather pointless. They are far to fragile for such a desperate and rather useless gambit. Maybe if Tank Shocks did damage ...

Enhanced Æthersails: B

For as cheap as it is, this does have good potential. Putting some allied Wraithguard in a Raider and rushing it forward comes to mind.

Grisly Trophies: D

This did not change but doubled in points. I can't see this being too useful for anything other than having your opponent want to shoot your vehicles more than they already do.

Shock Prow: B

This also doubled in points but became much more reliable. Raiders and Ravagers count as front armor 14 when ramming with this. But ramming can be very risky.

Night Shields: C

This basically became a Holo-field, right down to effect and points. I think most of us expected better. But it isn't useless, just disappointing. And with the lack of Flickerfields, it is a must. It is 6+ cover even without Jinking.

Torment Grenade Launchers: C

This is a vehicle mounted PGL with 6" longer range. For the same points, you can argue it is the better choice and it does give Raiders a second weapon. But it is still useless against certain armies and is a far cry from what it was.

Splinter Racks: B

This now lets you re-roll to hit with all Splinter Weapons, which does offset the point increase. I don't give it an A do to the change to Splinter Cannons and because Trueborn can't take Shardcarbines anymore.

Artefacts of Cruelty

The Parasite's Kiss: A

A Master-crafted Stinger Pistol that can heal the shooter for the same cost as a Stinger Pistol. I only wish you could take more than one.

The Armour of Misery: A

This is a good armour for a Succubus or a Harmonculus. For a decent point cost you get 4+/6++ and the Fear rule. Further, enemies within 6" get -2 to Leadership. Considering only Scourges get Ghostplate armour now, this is the closest HQs can get.

The Animus Vitae: C

This item can boost the Power from Pain for the entire army by one turn. But it is very short range and one use with one shot. It's just too unreliable to be a good item. But when it does work it will be a boon.

Archangel of Pain: C

Like the PGL and TGL, this does not affect units with Fearless or ATSKNF. But dropped between multiple units, it is entertaining. Unfortunately, you'll invest a lot of points in delivery and the result is unreliable.

The Helm of Spite: B

Psychic defense has always been a necessity for the Dark Eldar. This is a 12" Adamantium Will bubble that also makes Psykers within 12" Peril on any double. You can even drop it right by a Psyker with a WWP. But it does nothing against armies without Psykers.

The Djin Blade: C

This item became more expensive with no real justification. While still AP3, the bonus attacks don't influence whether the blade rebels anymore. But if it rebels, it does one attack to the bearer, though that attack ignores all saves. It does grant 2 bonus attacks but not worth the risk of pairing with a Shadow Field.

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Archon: A

The cheapest Warlord option and the only to unlock a Court of the Archon, this choice does get expensive quick. But that is the cost of being customizable to this extent. An Archon is a Jack-of-all-trades who has mastered each. But the generic Archon must be upgraded to be anything more than a token Warlord.

Stat-wise an Archon is only lacking in Strength and Toughness, a problem for all Dark Eldar. His Initiative and WS will guarantee his high number of attacks hits, though wounding is a challenge. So he may be more suited to shooting, supporting friendly units or debuffing your opponent with the right wargear.

If you do want a close combat oriented Archon, it is the only model with access to a Huskblade, which is cheaper, AP3 and has Instant Death. His grenades also help here. He can also take a Blaster or Blast Pistol and has access to Melee Weapons, Arcane Wargear and Artefacts of Cruelty. Unique among Warlord choices, it may take a Venom as a Dedicated Transport by itself.

Court of the Archon: A

The Court is far more customizable than before, allowing for some great potential. It can only be selected with an Archon but does not take up an FOC slot. But if you choose a build to better accompany a different HQ, any IC can join it.
Lhamaean: B
This is among the superior close combat choices for the Dark Eldar. It is as cheap as a Wych, with similar stats. But its 2+ poison weapon can have Instant Death. They make for a decent MC hunting unit.
Ur-Ghul: D
If you're looking for pure close combat, this has you covered. But it won't live long and delivers little punch for its points. A Lhamaean has only one fewer attack and is potentially more fatal; and is even a cheaper ablative wound. A Sslyth is considerably better as well for just 10 points more.
Medusae: A
While more expensive, this became a powerful anti-MEQ tool. Pairing some with a Webway Portal will ensure they destroy a valuable target. Just don't expect much in close combat if your opponent dares brave Overwatch.
Sslyth: A
These got cheaper but remained the same. They carry enough wargear for 2 models, bring some much needed T5 with 2 Wounds to protect a Warlord. And they aren't even double the cost of an Ur-Ghul. They are really only lacking in Initiative and Leadership. So keep them with an IC and away from enemy Warlords with Intimidating Presence.

Succubus: C

As the most expensive generic HQ, she is a big gamble to use. Like all Wyches, she will not survive long against shooting but is a true terror in close combat, even benefitting from grenades. Her lack of Strength can be offset by some equipment and a lucky combat drug roll.

She is similar to a generic Archon, trading a worse Ballistic Skill, Leadership and Save for better Weapon Skill and Initiative. Further, she has a 4++ in close combat. Nearly all her upgrade options want to see her in the thick of fighting. And her ability to take a Webway Portal lets her choose her best targets, if she can whether a turn of shooting.

The Succubus can take Melee Weapons, Wych Cult Weapons and Artefacts of Cruelty. She can also take Haywire Grenades and a Blast Pistol. But, like the Archon, she has a unique and new toy; the Archite Glaive. She can wield it two-handed for +1 S and AP2 at the cost of her bonus attack. Or she can swing it one-handed at AP3 to get the extra attack.

Lilith Hesperax: B

Lilith saw a decent point drop here and while lacking access to a Webway Portal she is a slightly better choice over a Succubus. But she is practically pure close combat, despite her ability to lob a very precise Plasma Grenade. The biggest complaint I have is he Warlord Trait; Blood Dancer.

Despite the usual Dark Eldar weaknesses, Lilith's stats are quite impressive. With Rampage, she can even reach 9 Attacks. She'll be happiest with a small unit of ablative wounds and in a Challenge. It is there that she can re-roll to hit and wound with her plentiful armour penetrating attacks, the excess wounds spilling into the enemy unit.

Lilith is even more survivable than many of Dark Eldar. She boasts a4++ that becomes a 3++ in close combat. But without Combat Drugs, can't get the stat bonuses a Succubus might. Oddly, she has the option to take an overpriced Impaler, which could make her more threatening or just be a waste, depending on rolls.

Haemonculus: B

This choice is all about buffing your forces. Taking the form of the Ancients from the last codex, it is a little cheaper but can't be taken in groups. It can be comfortable with shooting or close combat but won't excel like the more specialized HQs. Survivability, while still difficult, is a little easier for a Haemonculus.

What are seen as super high stats for other HQs are only 5s here. But he is T4 and starts with FNP, not needing to wait until a certain turn to earn it. He also has the Master of Pain rule, letting his unit be one turn ahead on the Power from Pain table.

A Haemonculus comes with a surplus of weapons, intended to be swapped for far deadlier options. He can take Weapons of Torture, Tools of Torment, Artefacts of Cruelty and a Webway Portal. Not to be left out, he has his own unique item; the Crucible of Malediction. Keeping the same cost as before it is nowhere near as powerful. While it can be dropped right where needed, it does only target Psykers and has one use. Further, units of Psykers won't suffer as badly as lone Psykers.

Urien Rakarth: A

He got a decent drop in points and remained largely the same. While his healing is not automatic, the Clone Field's improvements and his 4+ FNP are pretty advantageous. He will do well in close combat, though may want to avoid certain challenges and he buffs all Dark Eldar within 12".

Rakarth is similar to other Haemonculi but with T5. He comes with the Ancient Evil Warlord Trait and his Master of Pain rule has a 12" bubble. Because of the changes to Clone Fields and his FNP, he almost has a re-rollable save, barring S10.

Rakarth is armed with an Ichor Injector, making him quite lethal. Unfortunately, his only shooting comes from the one use Casket of Flensing. This has a 12" range, is S3 AP3 and has 2D6 shots. The lack of Strength and the potential for a low number of shots makes this mediocre. So focus on getting into close combat.

Drazhar: B

Drazhar also received a good drop in points while remaining a murderous monster. He is the most expensive character for the Dark Eldar, though. And a retinue of Incubi, the only unit he can join, is also potentially pricey.

His stats are quite similar to an Archon's but with S4 and T4. Being an Eternal Warrior and Fearless as well as having Rampage is certainly nice. But he also increases the Weapon Skill of the Incubi who join him and can generate bonus attacks when wounding.

Drazhar is better protected than most, sporting a 2+ save. He is also armed with deadly Demiklaives. These function similar to the Archite Glaive, granting +1 Strength and AP2 at the cost of an Attack or being AP3 with the bonus Attack for two weapons. Lastly, unlike most named characters, Drazhar does not have a set Warlord Trait, allowing some flexibility.

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Kabalite Warriors: B

The Warriors received a slight decrease in points while remaining just as versatile. The unit can be 5-20 and gains access to weapon replacements depending on its size. Unfortunately, their save is bad. But it is the more flexible Troops choice and can be upgraded to Kabalite Trueborn to be Elites(see below).

The unit has limited access to Special Weapons and Heavy Weapons and can take a Raider or Venom. Adding the one or two Lance weapons could find most of the squad sitting idle. Thus they will typically be filling the same role as before but will be cheaper. Even the increase to the cost of Splinter Cannons is offset by their point drop. Though their Raider may be more points.

As before, their Sybarite is optional and largely unnecessary. The boost to Leadership can be useful but many other upgrades gear it for close combat, which is unnecessary in a shooting unit. One model cannot protect the rest. The Haywire grenades and PGL may see use but are situational and the pistols are lackluster or costly compared to keeping the rifle.

Wyches: C

The Hekatarii are largely unchanged, save for their Wych Cult Weapons and the loss of mass Haywire grenades. They are extremely vulnerable to shooting or an exploding Transport but excel in close combat. This is largely due to their Dodge rule granting a 4++ in combat as there lack of Strength makes wounding tough. They can be upgraded to Bloodbrides to be Elites as well(see below).

Wyches come in units of 5-15 and have access to Wych Cult Weapons. As said before, the Hydra Gauntlets will benefit them the most. You will want at least 10 Wyches in a squad as this is the key number to unlock more Cult Weapons. As such, the choice between a Raider or Venom is simplified. And without a Transport it is unlikely they will live long.

The option to make one Wych a Hekatrix is welcome for the additional Attack but is pricey. This is especially true for her upgrades; Melee Weapons and a Blast Pistol. But if fighting MEQ, an Agoniser would be very welcome. As would the Haywire grenade if your opponent has Walkers. At least in this case, the Dodge rule just might let her save most of her squad.


Kabalite Trueborn: A

Being a pure upgrade now is both a benefit and a slight hindrance to Trueborn. Despite the slight point decrease, I think you'll still see minimalist squads and certainly no squads of 20 as they gain no benefits for size. But they can certainly pump out some devastating fire.

Trueborn did lose access to Shardcarbines and Splinter Pistols. To be fair, I don't think people fielded close combat Trueborn anyway. But the change to Splinter Racks could have made a Raider full of these quite powerful. That said Blasterborn are still good, though the change to minimum squad size actually raised their cost; and denies them access to a WWP in a Venom. But a precise drop is still possible. You could also see Shredderborn as a new anti-horde option, perhaps having the fifth man with a Splinter Cannon.

The addition of a Dracon is unnecessary, much like a Sybarite for the Warriors. The only reason I could see taking one is for the PGL with some Shredderborn. But in an all-purpose list they are not needed.

Bloodbrides: F

When compared to other Elites choices, even Mandrakes, these are practically worthless. They are exactly like Wyches but more expensive for a bonus Attack and one better Leadership. There are simply better choices to fill an Elites slot.

Unlike Trueborn, Bloodbrides do not have improved access to Wych Cult Weapons. You still need 10 to go from one to three choices. This is yet another reason not to upgrade, in case you needed another.

If you do actually take a unit, the Syren is actually worth considering. She upgrades much like a Hekatrix, meaning you could have 4 Attacks with an Agoniser. But if that is all you want, an HQ is better. Afterall, a minimal Bloodbrides unit with just that Syren is 100 points. An Archon with Shadowfield and Agoniser is 125 points.

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Incubi: B

The Incubi received a slight point drop while remaining just as lethal in close combat. They are more survivable than most Dark Eldar, boasting 3+ armor and AP2 weapons. Unfortunately, they lack grenades, which could rob them of their good Initiative.

There are few upgrades for this unit and they lack any shooting. But having the option to take 3-10 of them means you can cram an HQ in their Raider or Venom. Drazhar is the obvious choice but an Archon or Succubus could benefit from their company. Alternatively, they are quite capable on their own.

The Klaivex upgrade became cheaper and is worthwhile. He has a boosted WS, BS(why?), Iniative and Attack. As such, he can best all but the most protected opponents in a Challenge. He can also take Demiklaives for some versatility while in combat but it is not exactly cheap.

Mandrakes: B

Mandrakes got a decent point drop and had one of their biggest weaknesses removed. However, while they no longer need get a kill to use Baleblast, they lost their Invulnerable save. They have very nice bonuses to Cover but are completely defenseless without a Cover save until PfP gives you FNP. Their Fear rule and decent Initiative may see their high Attack value get good use. But lacking any AP means their could be enemies to strike back.

You can take 3-10 of these per unit. They can Infiltrate but not take a Dedicated Transport. Their Baleblast has two shots at 18", is S4 AP4 and has Soul Blaze. So, you can ideally hide them in cover to shoot.

You can upgrade one Mandrake to a Nightfiend. But this brings the same benefits and hesitation as a Kabalite Warriors' Sybarite upgrade. The Leadership bonus is helpful but the bonus Attack should go unused until they get FNP.

Wracks: B

Wracks remained the same points and remained largely the same. Their armor is just as bad as Wyches but they start with FNP. They are slower than most other Dark Eldar and lack the Fleet rule as well. But they are T4, come armed with poisoned weapons and can be 5-10 strong. They are a good close combat unit with some minor shooting ability.

Wracks can take a Raider and Venom to increase their limited mobility. For every 5 you can take a Liquifier Gun or the new Ossefactor. Given the changes to the Liquifier Gun, the Ossefactor is the better choice; much more likely to get a wound. Further, the higher the Toughness of the target, the greater the potential for collateral damage. However, the Acothyst can take a Liquifier Gun, allowing for 3 Templates in one unit.

The Acothyst is similar to the Hekatrix upgrade. He will increase the close combat ability of his unit. Further, he can take Weapons of Torture and Tools of Torment. This adds some versatility to his role and can even allow the unit some additional shooting ability.

Grotesques: B

Grotesques remained at a hefty point total but are arguably worth their points now. They are T5, come with a plethora of Poison(4+) Attacks and start with FNP. Their high Strength and Rampage rule should also benefit them in close combat. But they need an IC to compensate for terrible Leadership.

They come in units of 3-10 and can take a Raider. Their Bulky rule does limit a large squad's mobility but that can be negated with a WWP and trusting in the Toughness. Each model can take a Liquifier Gun as well, though you'd likely just take a couple for a Deepstrike or for Defensive Overwatch.

The Aberration upgrade is largely unnecessary. It might see more use with smaller squads where a Weapon of Torture upgrade would not make the squad too point heavy. The Scissorhand would even let it handle vehicles a little better.

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Fast Attack

Beastmasters: C

Like the Court of the Archon, this has become a more customizable unit. Unlike the Court, this unit is more geared for close-combat. Most of the choices are cheaper but have more drawbacks than before. But there are enough differences to make fans of the unit take pause. In short, it will amount to a distraction unit that your opponent would rather shoot than allow to tarpit his units.
Beastmaster: B
As the only way to get shooting and decent Leadership in this unit, you'll want at least one of these around. As before, it is not there to take a beating or deal damage, but to keep the actual Beasts from running away. But the mediocre shooting it does bring just may soften an Assault target without shooting you out of Charge range.
Khymera: B
This has gone from a mediocre choice to one of the better Beasts. It now has one better Toughness but traded that for one worse Invulnerable Save. But it is the fastest of the Beasts in close combat and boasts the Fear rule. It won't live much longer than the Beastmaster but has a chance to survive any hit and brings a decent number of attacks.
Razorwing Flock: F
This choice took an overall beating from the almighty "nerf-bat," and for no really apparent reason. It still boasts a decent number of rending attacks but is now considered a Swarm. It also took a severe hit to WS and Wounds and lost an Attack, meaning it will deal far less damage and survive very few engagements. As if that were not enough, it even has a point increase over the old version
Clawed Fiend: C
This model is still decent. It does have a small decrease to WS and Wounds but had a good drop in points too. It lost the ability to gain an Attack with each Wound suffered but now has the Rage rule. As before, the high Toughness value is appealing to repel small arms fire but with no Save to speak of, you can't rely on it as a shield. But even the old stats and rules would do ittle to improve the unit overall.

Raider: B

The Raider is the backbone of the Realspac Raid. It starts cheap and is highly customizable to the role you need it to fill. It can Jink with a high survival rate, though it did lose the Invulnerable Save. But since Jinking does not affect the passengers, you'll only lose the shots from the vehicle itself.

Keeping the Raider with its default weapon might get you a lucky hit after Jinking but upgrading to the Dark Lance will see you not wanting to Jink. You'd do better giving the passengers Blasters as a viable Tank Hunting option. The other upgrades can be found in their own section above.

One thing to keep in mind is a need to keep distance on your opponent. Template weapons, even if they don't destroy the Raider, will toast the passengers. It is far better to rely on any range advantage you can get and target Ignores Cover weapons promptly.

Venom: B

The Venom is still a solid choice and can be fielded in numbers previously unavailable thanks to the Realspace Raiders detachment. They can carry small units of Tank Hunters while their own weapons whittle through anything else. Of course, they lack the enhanced Jink of a Raider with Night Shields but boast an Invulnerable Save to deny those pesky Ignores Cover weapons.

Even after upgrades, the Venom will remain fairly cheap to field. Massing them will certainly be possible and bring lots of pain. Relying on speed and distance is a must.

As with the Raider, it is very vulnerable at close range. Further, the smaller number of passengers is less likely to survive a mistake when fielding. That could be a huge blunder, given the likelihood the Venom's passengers are going to be vital to your efforts.

Reavers: A

Reavers got a big drop in points, not just per Reaver but upgrades as well. They can be taken in slightly larger units but did lose their Turbo-boost Attacks. Instead, they have enhanced Hammer of Wrath Attacks when charging. As before, they behave very similarly to mounted Wyches but are much more survivable, except in close-combat. They can be customized depending on role as well.

Reaver upgrades consist of anti-tank weapons and enhancements to their HoW Attacks. It is entriely possible for a unit of 12 to soften a Dreadnought with Blasters and then finish it with Cluster Caltrops. And that is exactly what they should do with any target; soften with Shooting and then finish with an Assault before any retaliation. If it is a big or tough unit, they can take a couple turns of Shooting and use their Assaut Move to get to a safe distance in between.

Overall, Reavers are versatile and able to handle most situations. But like our vehicles, they are extremely vulnerable to Ignores Cover Attacks. When fielding them, it's important to not over-extend them where they cannot be aided by other units and you'll be throwing their points away.

To be continued ...

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Hey, all.
Sorry for the delay on this. My computer went down at the end of October. I really thought it would have been fixed by now but sadly, no. I've also got caught up with other things and forgot to let you all know. I should be able to post in early January for anybody who still cares.
Thank you.

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well, i do care :p
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