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This was apparantly from a playtest ruleset that someone got a hold of. Thanks to Bakaneko for sharing this:

Army composition:


Greater Daemons
Herald (2 for slot)


Flesh hounds (w/special character)
Fiends of Slaanesh
Beast of nurgle


Daemonettes (most powerfull choice)
Pink Horrors (w/special charcter)

Light support

Seekers of Slaanesh

Heavy supports

Soulgrinder (modified Defiler)
Daemon Prince (very customizable choice)

There are 3 special Greater Daemons ( one for Nurgle, one For Tzeentch and one Undivided) and 4 Special Herald ( one for God)

Troop abilities:
Daemonettes: fleet and rending
Bloodletters: PW and FC
Plaguebeares: FNP, Posioned Weapons, Slow and Purposeful
Horrors: Shooting one

General rule: All Daemons have Invulnerable save, can be placed in deep strike and have immunities versus Istant death
All codex entries (yes, even the Soulgrinder) are daemons.
I've see the playtest rules and write down some memo.

Screamers are jetbike, interesting choice with upgrade, suck without.

Sorry I don't know the special rule for Special character, only the general one.

The special character of tzeench is the oracle of Tzeentch, is a monstruos creature with 1 wound ( I suspect some strange rule)
They can't be included in Chaos Space Marines armies, they are an inidipendet force.
A full God army can be made, the strenght of the force varies for the choosen God (IMHO Mono-Tzeentch and Slaanesh are the strongest)
You can field two Greater Daemon, or one greater and 2 Herald or 4 Herald

The pink Horrors can field one special character (the Changeling) as the Flesh Hound

Don't know the exact rules of the soulgrinder exept he have 2 close combat weapon, one Mawcannon (whitch can be ugraded) and a Reaper.

Khorne daemon cost as Pink Horror and they cost less then a Chaos space marines
Demonettes are the better choice non only for rending, but for their cost.

The troop choice ar very cheap (not as an ork but cheap)

Bloodthirster is very strong, best stat in the book, on assault fase he can Istant Kill a space marine character in close combat.
I don't understand why you hate so mutch the idea that this and the CSM codex are two separate army

Horror shoot a S3 ap3 bolt and have access to one bolt of tzeentch for troop choice
Daemon Prince Stat are lower then the CSM one, is cheaper, but you can buy upgrade to became as the QG choice. Can be more dangeruos in HtH then the CSM (expecialy the nurgle one) or if marked Tzeentch be a very good mobile fire base
Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Nurgle feel no pain + immune to instant death is a 5+ followed bij a 4+ againts anything???? (except PW in CC)
This is the Great Unclean One, only it has T6 I2 and slow and purposeful.

DP fly and can wound anything at 2+
Originally Posted by Grand Master Raziel View Post
1: How do the various units come into play? Do they get deployed, or Deep Strike in? If they Deep Strike, do they get to move or assault the turn they come into play?

2: Bloodletters: Do they have the Toughness of a Space Marine or of an Imperial Guardsman? (In Fantasy it's the latter).

3: Again, Bloodletters: Does their loincloth still confer upon them the exact same armor save that power armor does for Space Marines?
1: my friend tell me that they can be placed all in deep strike, and than enter in play at 6" from an icon and assault. every core choice and some QG/HS and juggernout have Icon.

2:the first one

3: no, no armour.
Originally Posted by Vishok View Post
So, I have a few questions relevant to whether or not I will be devoting a year of my life to painting these particular graven images of dark, heathen gods...

1. Do Heralds in the same HQ slot have to be devoted to the same god? e.g. Can I have Nurgle and Tzeentch heralds in the same HQ?

2. Is there an option for Undivided Heralds?

3. Is there an option of Undivided Greater Daemons?
1: Yes, you can have Heralds of the combination of the god you like.

2: No
3: Only a Special Character
Originally Posted by Dominatrix View Post
Another question for you bakaneko! Have you or your friend heard anything about other types of cavalry except bloodcrushers and seekers of slaanesh? By that I mean have you seen anything about nurgle or tzeentch cavalry (plagueriders, changebringers)? Seems kinda odd they do not appear on your list.
no nurgle or tzeentch cavalry, the first have Daemon Beast and the second Screamers (that are considered jetbike
Who carries the icons?
the icon bearer, its a upgrade for unit

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Yeah and i also miss the chariots... are they really herald-only? and what do they do?
yes, herald only and change the stat of the Herald and they loose the Indipendent character status
Originally Posted by Joewrightgm View Post

So is the soulgrinder (God, thats an awesome name!) going to be an actual vehicle, or a monstrous creature?

Also, are Icons a unit upgrade?
Vehicle, walker type.
Yes for the icon

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
changes the stats... +1 T, +1 St, + D6 A on the charge???
More like +1 T, +2 W + 3A and so on...
Beasts of Nurgle are like very toxic, tougth but slow spawn... (FNP and poisoned attack)
Thanks for all this info.
Can you give us a rough idea of what some of those herald upgrades are? Like noxious touch and boon of mutation, if you know.
noxious touch: wound 2+ in HtH

boon of mutation: see CSM psichic power, only is a ranged weapon
Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
what are the psychic ability's of this army? or are all 'psychic powers' just 'abilities'?
there is no psionic power, only shooting weapon!!! is this one of the strongest thing in the list
Originally Posted by danograb View Post
Hmm interesting, thanks. No damn psychic hoods to worry about then.
What about breath of chaos and unholy might?
And soporific musk. That looks intriguing.
breath of chaos: Spry weapon

unholy might: +1 S

soporific musk: -1att one enemy in HtH
Lord of change is very powerfull:

have a sort of force weapon, all the tzeentch gift and shooting power, he can shoot 3 times at 3 different target
Originally Posted by LordHONSOU666 View Post
I know you can used daemon in CSM codex, but this are a **** xD but muy qestion is... daemonnettes, beast of nurgle etc can´t be used for the chaos space marines as 1 HQ, 2 TROOPS, 1 FAST AND 1 ELITE? As sisters of battle and marines?
no they can't be used, is a different codex
there is no daemonic weapon for normal QG, don't know for special one.
For the "we are legion" gift, it allows to shoot at two different target with different weapon
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Default Re: Codex Daemonica (from playtest ruleset)
Bloodthirster is a real monster, as I just say canIstant kill a Space Marine QG with one attack in HtH on assault fase, ha wings a shoot (yes he shoot ^__^) but his Initiative is like a marine.

the Keeper is less stronger but made more attack and shoot a "Lash" like power, can Hit and Run and have assault and defensive granates, plus Fleet.

Poor Nurgle is very resiliant but sucks for initiative and powers respect the other three.

Imho Lord of Chance is the strongest for versatility, shoot VERY well and can kill anything with force weapon. and have 3+ Inv. save
Seekers are mounted daemonettes

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First off I'd like to state that I am not a chaos player and that I prefer to play to the background and roleplay element of an army. Everything I am reading about this new Daemon Codex with regards no allies with CSM and the lack of any representation of Chaos Cults is a huge disappointment. :ireful2:

When I first heard about this codex I was hoping that GW would use this opportunity to flesh out the gaming side of what I feel is one of the 40K backgrounds richest elements. The more I read the more it comes across as a way to shoehorn in a 'new' army into the 40K universe. I can only hope that the rumours are not getting the true picture (although that hope is rapidly diminishing).

If they wanted to put in a 'new' Chaos army then I feel they should have used that of Chaos Cults, a revamp and update of the LatD list would have been ideal and provided a good opportunity to expand the daemon side of the Chaos background and rules. The cults and non-CSM chaos forces are a huge part of the background and underrepresented in games, for me the closest list I have found for a non-CSM force is the list in IA5, I prefer it to the LatD list.

Well regardless of what the official GW ruling is I will certainly be allowing Chaos players I face to use the daemons as specified in this new codex with their CSM armies.

Apologies I realise that has come out as a bit more of a rant than I intended. Thanks for the info Wraith, I am sure it will be as accurate as every (unfortunately :().

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Here's some more:

To help understand the tattics of the army:

Icon are aveiable to:

Daemon Prince

It's very expensive for troops (10 points less the then a lascannon to a Choosen CSM unit) but cheap for DP (like a flamer)

Core daemons are cheap, all unit cost less then a CSM, Daemonette and Plague less then Lesser Daemon in CSM codex
They come 5-20 unit.
Too understand what you can do whit a Mono-God Army, a Tzeentchian army can field like 13 S9 Ap 2 assoult weapon

Originally Posted by Dranthar View Post
This is fantastic stuff bakaneko, I greatly appreciate it!

From your understanding of the Daemonica book, how do you think an all-nurgle army would fare?

It seems to me that with SaP on most of their units it's going to be very tricky to get an icon close enough to your opponents table edge. Their only fast unit (presumably) is the Daemon Prince, so it almost seems as though DPs will be a requirement for all-nurgle armies.

...or perhaps deep striking daemons aren't that necessary for Nurgle armies???

One other thing - is it just me or are non-tzzentch Deamonica armies going to have a very tough time vs. fast armies like mechanised Tau, or Dark Eldar?
Sorry but Nugle sucks very bad. It's very tough but slow like hell and can go only in HtH to do some damage, but only GD and DP negates saves

I give you hope, they have toughness one point more then lesser daemons and FNP
Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
Okay, so a couple of quick ones:

1) what sort of "spray" weapon are we talking here? comparable to a Flamer?

2) What of Cloud of Flies and Aura of Decay?

Seems from the couple you've revealed that the Nurgle Herald will be fairly cool.
1) Take the CSM psionic power, than make it a ranged weapon without the test

2) Cloud of flies are like have assault and defensive granates, aura is a worthless S2 AP - Shoot in HTH to all model in 6"
Originally Posted by Khaeron Baoth View Post
Questions about Tzeentch gifts:

1. What does Soul Devourer do?
2. What does Master of Sorcery do?
1) Psionic Weapon
2) Can shoot 2 times with different weapons (i.e. monstruos creatures can shoot 3 times)
Originally Posted by Satan View Post
@bakaneko, you said earlier the was a nurgle special char, what can you tell me on him?
Know only the name and the name of the special abilities: Kugath the plaguefather, and have two special rules: Blessing of Pus and nurglings infestation
There is a Herald of nurgle called Epidemius

Originally Posted by Frigopie View Post
Hi all mates, only tow question:

What is the Bloodthister S now?7 or 8?
What does mortal strike do?(Khorne hability).
1) when assaulting he get S8
2) Range 12 S7 ap 2 weapon

Originally Posted by danograb View Post
So quick qestion if you haven't answered it already. What does the plaguesword do? Is it like the one in the old chaos codex?

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sounds very interesting, still not over happy its not compatible with CSM, one thing though is there still an instability test for them? If not are they planning an update for DaemonHunter forces.

Looks like my Legion will have to crack things out the old way of a pure CSM army, shame as I was looking forward to releasing bloodletters and a bloodthirster on the imperium again.

Last thing agree with stormshroud about the lack of cultists. My friend was planning on building a cultist heavy army (cannon fodder for his marines) he's converted a couple of squads of cadians already and they do look good, I expect GW will produce a further list in the Dwarf or maybe in a couple of years as they usually listen to the fans. Thanks for the updates though.

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I hope that a proper stand alone cult list does appear. As I understand it a majority of what Chaos gets up to is done by cultists, not marines and daemons, just as most of what the Imperium gets up to is done by IG. As such I think the cultists should have their own proper book.

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Im liking it but I think that khorne daemons should have no shooting ability as its a bit harsh when theyre already cc monsters...agree with the comments on the cultists was thinking of doing renegade imperial guard :biggrin:

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i really really thought they would make it much like demon hunters and witch hunters where you can add them to your list.

also, i think both forces should have access to cultists...lots of them and some special rule to sacrafice them in bloody bloody ways.

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I was over the moon when i found out "Codex: Ruinous powers" was coming because if its demons.. who is going to summon them? CULTISTS! and who are cultists? LatD! now i found out no cultists, Traitor Guard and no Plague zombies.
I loved my LatD and the only response i get from GW is "Oh sorry we are to busy with turning a legion list into a Renegade chapters list to Represent the majority of Chaos forces in a 40k.

i say BAH to chaos untill i get LatD.

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Well i'm dissapointed to say the least. What the hell are my cultist units going to do now? Not only is my alpha legion not able to do anything that ever made them special ever, now GW kicked me in the nuts again by making my cultists redundant in 40k.

I think this might be the final nail in the coffin of that which is my chaos army.

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HOLY CRAP!!! To not let CSM's use specific chaos gods deamons is just totally wrong. GW it seems is changing history completely. As I remember the final push for Earth, CSM's had thier Deamon Allies there. Not just as a totally separate army but wholy dependant on CSM Legions and Cutists who worshipped them. This is going to far, yeah CSM Legions can bring "vanilla" Greater/Lesser Deamons but they are taking away the meat of CSM. Now all the old "Legions" like World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, and Emperors Children are gone. Broken into splintered factions that just join up with any Chaos Lord that gives them a home.

So lets give a Toast, and cheer the death of the Legions that put the Emperor on the Golden Throne. :angry:

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Aye, i always liked that chaos did not get along and each chaos army had it's flavor..

but now you have khorn working with tezenitch...what bezerky would tolerate that.
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