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I'm being honest here, this is pretty bad.

First of all, a Khornate Sorcerer...
That speaks for itself, those two things are mutually exclusive, if a worshipper of Khorne becomes a Sorcerer, Khorne would disown or kill him.

Second, Nurgle created the Zombie Plague, although I suppose alternate fluff for 'Zombies' of other gods.

Khorne: Though Daemonic possession, Khorne can spread a contagious bloodlust through a people, turning them into mindless animals intent on little more than slaughter.

Nurgle: Zombie Plague, we already know this.

Tzeench: He probably wouldn't bother.

Slaanesh: I can't see him doing it either.

I think the Zombies should have separate statlines for the two different kinds of Zombie, and you should only really be able to take one 'faction' in an army.

Khorne: 3 points a model.
WS3 BS- S3 T3 W1 I3 A1(2) Ld6 Sv-
Two CCW.
Furious Charge, Fearless, Fleet, Mindless Fury!, Contagious Possession.

Mindless Fury!
Khornate 'Zombies' are subject to the Rage USR, unless any model in the unit is within 12" of a Chaos Lord (their HQ choice, since a Sorcerer is not an option).

Contagious Possession.
If an enemy unit loses a combat against Khornate 'Zombies', and fall back as a result, then every surviving model is possessed by a Daemon.
Every model that gets possessed is added to the unit of Khornate Zombies (split them evently in a multiple combat), lose all Wargear that can be used as a weapon, and count as having two CCW, they also gain the Furious Charge, Fearless, Fleet, Mindless Fury!, and Contagious Possession special rules.

Plague Zombies: 3 points a model.
WS2 BS- S3 T3 W1 I2 A1 Ld6 Sv-
Hands and teeth, Defensive Grenades.
Feel No Pain, Zombie Plague, Lurching Gait.

Zombie Plague.
The Plague Zombies are the result of a sinister virus created by Nurgle, transforming people into living corpses, bent on fulfilling Nurgle's will; this disease is highly contagious, and it can be transmitted by the merest scratch, transforming the victim into a mindless Zombie in seconds.
At the end of every round of a combat, roll a Toughness test for every killed model that belongs to a unit that was, at the beginning of the combat, engaged with any models with this special rule; for every test failed, that model immediately joins the unit of Plague Zombies (distribute evenly if there are multiple units), any models joining this way lose all pieces of Wargear which can be used as a weapon, gain Defensive Grenades, and the Feel No Pain, Zombie Plague, and Lurching Gait special rules.

Lurching Gait.
Plague Zombies are naturally slow and ponderous, due to rotting flesh, missing limbs, or any number of other horrible deformities.
A model with this rule has the Slow and Purposeful USR, however if any model in the unit is withing 12" of a Sorcerer of Nurgle, they also gain the Move Through Cover USR.

Those are my suggestions, take them or leave them.

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Instead of khornate zombies, maybe we could have something like this:

Savages/Brutes(to haloy?)/Blood Taken WS:3 BS:- S:3 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:1 LD:8 SV:-

Slot: Troops


Special Rules: Stubborn, Red Haze, Furious Charge.

Red Haze: If the unit is not within 6" or attached to a Gore Shepherd, the model must move its maximum distance toward the nearest enemy unit within LOS.


Gore Shepherd

WS:5 BS:0 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:4 A:2 LD:9 Sv:5+

Slot: Elite


Special Rules: The Skull Guide, Furious charge, Fearless.

The Skull Guide: Each member of the Unit may be broken off an placed in another unit as a skull guide. This unit has the IC special rule and grants the fearless USR to the unit.

Wargear: Skull Blade( counts as PW)
Now that sounds good.
But detaching dudes should work like Wolf Guard, because granting your enemy an extra bunch of Kill Points is just weak :p

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Hooray for an exclusively Plague Zombie army!
Now we're getting somewhere :>

Alright, those Carriers sound cool, and upgrading some of them into a unit of regular Zombies is a great idea.
I think that the Pop! thing shouldn't be a distance, but when one is killed in CC, every unit engaged with the unit of Zombies the Carrier belonged to suffers D6 S3 hits, which cause infection as normal, and this includes ICs, so they get their own batch of hits :D

I don't dig the shooting attacks though.

And here's an idea, how about a type of zombie which is supposed to kamikaze?
They're filled with acid or something, kinda like Spore Mines, and each one can make a single S6 AP3 attack instead of their regular attacks, and every one that hits removes a model from the unit, since they explode.
With 2d6+6 Armour penetration of course :D

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Throw Weapon:
An Executioner can through his hammer 6" with the following profile, however he must either assault the unit that he threw it at or move towards its location to "pick" the hammer back up

Range S Type
6" 10 Rending, Assault
Really, no, that complicates the game a lot, and that's a bad thing.

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I'm digging the Crows, they sound cool.
Although, if I could suggest; compared to other Swarm units, Rippers, Scarabs, and Nurglings, these things are going to be tiny.
A Ripper is the size of your arm, a Nurgling is a Daemon as well, and a Scarab is a ROBOT.
These things should be 4 or 5 wounds / attacks, and they should have a good Initiative value (since they're BIRDS), but as they are right now, Instant Death is a HUGE issue, give them T3 (since they're zombie birds after all), increase their number/base, and increase points to 6-8 to correspond.
And perhaps give them Fleet as well.

I mean really, Space Marines would be taking out armfuls of the things with every blow, that's not right.

And yeah, why is the Red Devil a Tzeenchi daemon?

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At Winter,
The problem is that they are birds, space marines should be kicking the undead shit out of most of these things.
Oh yeah, they'll kill them easily with a punch.
But can they kill FOUR with a single punch?
No, no they can't, not with them darting around like mad as birds do.

Well, like gen.ahab. suggested, Crows are used to tie up the enemy in cc, instead of cause major damage. For this role they must be cheap, but you're right about the wounds/attacks. Initiative-wise, that idea came to mind, but I disregarded it :wink:.

As for the 'Devil, I can't have him Nurgle because he (it?) doesn't look Nurgle enough.
Yep, and that's what they'll do; but they won't be able to tie a unit up very well if anything with S4 kills a whole base with every attack, or if a Flamer wipes out most of the unit because it kills whole bases AND deals two wounds per successful to wound roll. (resulting in 2 bases per wound caused)

And keep in mind Nurgle isn't just the god of decay, he's also the god of death.
Decay is what he focuses on most, as it's a great way to cause death, but it isn't his only aspect.

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But then again can you justify giving a bird, which you can very easily kill with a red rider, the same T level as a human?
Not normally, but these are ZOMBIE birds.
And since when does realism take prescedence over game balance?

i see them this way:
WS3 BS- S3 T3 W3 I2 A3 Ld8 Save6+ 10Pts
Fleet, Fearless, Zombie Plague
Unit Type: Swarm
Unit Composition: 3-10 Carrion Feeders Bases

WS3 makes up for lack of BS, Stat line is fairly common place for their type of unit so acceptable, INV save for reason i stated 4 posts up.

WS3 makes up for lack of BS


That does't make any sense at all, thy don't have a gun, so why does their lack of BS need to be 'made up for'?
WS2 is appropriate, they just peck at you, they wouldn't be hard to hit normally, let alone when they're clumped together.

And I think they should have S2 as well, like Alice said, they aren't strong.

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During my most recent attempt to sleep (Say NO to Insomnia!!) I got to thinking about this idea in its entirety and i have come up with a 'hole' so to speak.

Zombies: A good idea, we all love our brain eating, shuffle footed, undead brethren;
Within the setting of the 40k Universe, most of the opponents they are likely to face are going to be Armored in some fashion, be it Power Armor or Wraith Bone or whatever; this begs the question: In what universe is a scratch (as that is what it essentialy is) or a bite, from one of these walking corpses, going to get through that?!
What do you think failing an Armour save means?

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For a person, not a marine. They can keep the destroyer plague off for some time before it kills them. Zombie plague isn't anywhere near that severe.
That's not what I was responding to though.
You were talking about armour, and that that would prevent infection reliably; that's where the Toughness test comes in anyway.

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Sorry for the quadruple post:

Here's the stats I gave the Carrion Feeders:

WS2 BS- S2 T2 W3 I5 A3 Ld6 Save/5+ 10Pts
Wings, Fearless
Unit Type: Swarm
Unit Composition: 5-10 Carrion Feeders Bases

So basically I removed Zombie Plague because have a zombie join a unit with Wings just isn't right. In is higher to represent a flock of zombie Ravens swarming unto its prey, very quickly. Fleet's been removed since they have wings. T has been reduced since, after all, they are just birds. Inv of 5+ sounds better, to represent how hard it is to swat them outta the sky, and no Feel No Pain for the reason I just mentioned.

They are essentially a unit that can be used 2 ways;

Tie up a troublesome enemy in cc. Their speed helps them with this, or:
Pick off survivors. Their high In and # of attacks make them capable of finishing off small units, but not exactly enough for an enemy that's at full strength.
If they're T2, then 5 points a base MAX.

And good point about the mixed unit.

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Ummmmmmm, okay let's see what we've got here *puts on reading glasses*. Ah, yes, okay!

1) Why do zoms' have Defensive Grenades?

2) What ever shall I do with 30 Mantic Ghouls?

3) Why do zoms' have Defensive Grenades?
...I gave them Defensive Grenades because I figuered they'd have the same sort of putrescence as Plague Bearers.

I guess that's a little unrealistic.

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But Plaguebearers don't have Defensive Grenades either. Thanks for the great stats anyway, but I think I'll take these out, since that would make them a bit too powerful.

Yeah fair enough, too good.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo... How about those Runners eh?.............................
Dogs probably work best for that realistically.
Hey here's an idea, ZOMBIE LIVESTOCK :D
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