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ok heres the starting work on my mini codex for chaos sisters, ill try to update reguarly with work i get done as time progresses. the idea started off as a simple little mod some things make my sisters some special changes to worship khorne. as i thought on things figured why not make a mini dex, allow for the followers to follow each god or all four.

ill put up my start of the acts of faith, figured change them a bit for the chaos gods, make it a bit diffrent with potential for fun backfires (such as your beloved canoness becoming a gibbering chaos spawn) without futher ado heres my ideas

Gifts of Chaos​

Gifts of chaos are bestowed upon champions seen worthy of the dark lords blessings. These small blessings when used correctly can turn the tide of battle, but the dark lords are known for their cruel jokes.

- an army that includes certain sisters of battle units has a number of gifts points, which may be axpended to gain a blessing. Certain units and characters are noted as champions and contribute gift points to the armies total, as noted in their army list.

Who can use gifts
- any unit with the champions rule, joined by a model with the champions rule or includes a character with the gifts rule, is counted as champions itself while the character with the rule. the effects of the gifts apply to the whole unit.
- should the champion be removed as a casualty, the unit remains champions untill the end of the phase which the model was removed.

Blessing or Curse?
- each attempt consumesone gift point
- roll 2D6, if the result is 3 - 5 the unit has been cursed by the dark lords and the curse is applied to the unit. If the result is 6+ the squad has been favoured and gains the blessing.
- However if the result is 2 the dark lords curse the champion turning him into a gibbering chaos spawn for the remainder of the game. the model turned into the spawn is removed from the squad permantly (3" away from the squad) and follows the rules for the chaos spawn found later.
- a unit may not attempt the same gift more then once per phase, although it may be used in conjunction with several gifts.
- gifts are unaffected by special rules that negate psyhcic powers.

Every time a champion is removed as a casualty, or a unit of champions loses its last model the number of gifts originally contributed by the character or unit is added back to the gifts total. chapions or champion units that leave the table by falling back do not contribute gifts.


Hand of Khorne
Phase: either players assualt phase
Blessing: enhancing the sisters physicla strength to futher the blood shed in his name. each model in the unit gains +2 to its strength but strikes at initiative 1
Curse: cursing the squad for their frailness of females he weakens the squad. Each model in the unit loses -1 strength and -1 initiative

Unholy Weapons
phase: either players assualt phase, own shooting phase
Blessing: The squads bullets are filled with unholy matter allowing it to punch through the thickest of amour. the units attacks gain rending
Curse: mocking the squad the gods harden their foes amour. Enemy unit gets to may reroll any failed amour saves

slaaneshes passion
phase: Either players assualt phase
blessing: heightning the squads senses allows them to stike faster at the enemy. the squad gains +2 to its initiative
curse: turning the squads arms to lead to watch them struggle is a favoured prank. the squad stikes at initiative 1

Unbending will
phase: Own movement phase
blessing: filled with such blood thirst the sisters will ignore any danger to them as they hurl themself at the enemy. the unit become fearless untill next movement phase
curse: filling the warriors with dread the gods laugh as the once battle hardened soliders cringe at every sound and shadow. the unit suffers -4 LD and cannot benifit from chaos banners nearby

Protecting Amour
phase: enemy shoting phase or either players assualt phase
Blessing: The gods thiken the units amour to protect them from harm. units amour save becomes and invunreable save
cursing: the gods laugh at the surprise of the sisters as their amour is rplaced with flak amour. units amour save become 5+

let me know what you think what needs tweaking what not, it looks fun too me anyway :D
im planning on posting future updates here, as far as most of it goes ill be using models and rules from both codexs to put it together, see how it goes, ill be working the wargear and psyhcic powers next. :victory:
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