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Alright, me and my friends were tired of playing against each other so we decided to make a co-op game.

You grab an average gaming board, some fortifications, make a castle. We just used a straight wall 28 inches from our edge of the board. We played North vs South deployment. Had a "gate"(more like a hole) in the middle 7 inches wide. Zombies can climb over walls as if they had ladders, you CAN make them roll to climb vertical distance. Could deploy anywhere on the walls/ in the city.

The NPC's
Zombies start with a Vampire Lord(army doesn't disintegrate if he dies), 3 blocks of skeletons(30), 6 blocks of zombies(30). Skele's head for the gate, zombies split up and take either side of the wall. We stuck the vamp with the skele's. On each turn roll for each group, skele, zombie #1 and #2, on a 4+ another identical squad appears as if from reserves. We had grave guard and black knights also in reserve, and a squad of them came in on a roll of a 6. They only spawned once in our game.
Enemy stats are taken from the Vampire Counts Army Book.

I played Empire 1000 points, friend played High Elves 1000 points. I think we made it to turn 9.

What are your thoughts? We definitely wanted this game to go faster, make it harder for the players. Also the magic phase was kind of hard to do, we had the vampire lord AI save his dice to dispel your most powerful spell (no flesh to stone for you!). Failing that you can always have your friend roll against you for a magic phase.

P.S If you dont have 3 armies lying around use vassal/d20 pro! :grin:
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