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CNC Caged Dice Kickstarter Campaign by EG Toolmakers

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Check out CNC Caged Dice! It's a new Kickstarter campaign we started last week. As you know Kickstarter is all or nothing, help us to reach out funding goal and we'll be able to make these for you.

Kickstarter: CNC Caged Dice


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Is there a use for these outside of decoration? I would be hard pressed to hit my table (gaming or not) with a chunk of metal like that. Aluminum is not super heavy, but still.
also they seem quite pricey for a gimic dice
I get why they're that expensive, but maybe it shouldn't be stated that they're something apprentices figure out how to build on their lunch breaks :grin:

Being strangely into dice I like where you're going with this. Are you going to stick with metal dice only? It's....frustrating looking for Scatter dice that aren't white or included in a GW dice cube.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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