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Clan Skryre Blog

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So my gaming club is doing a tale of 13 gamers which was sparked by 8th edition. We each have 10 months to paint 2000pts. You can paint a unit or 200pts per month.

I have chosen to do a Skryre themed skaven army. This will be my first WFB army and the first proper time playing it. I have always liked skaven and when they got an update I thought about starting them. This was the perfect motivation.

Here is the list I am aiming to build.

Warlord,enchanted Shield,warlitter,foul pendant,weeping blade 195
Engineer-level 2, Shadow pendant, Warp energy condenser-150
Chieftain- BSB, Stormbanner,Great Weapon-124

25 Clanrats,spears,shields,full command,Doomflayer-200

25 Clanrats,spears,shields,full command,Warpfire thrower-215

25 Clanrats,spears,shields,Full command , Poisoned Wind Mortar-210

20 slaves-40
20 Slaves-40
15xGiant Rats, 2 Pack Masters-61

5xWarplock Jezzails-100
5xWarplock Jezzails-100
10x Poisoned Wind Globadiers, bombardier,death globe-130
7x Poisoned Wind Globadiers-70

Doom Wheel-150
Doom Wheel-150
Warplighting cannon-90

I tried to include all the units I loved and some that I knew would make cool conversions such as the warlitter. I also have some cool ideas for the slaves. I may mess around with the Poison wind guys as I am not sure there unit size is right but for now I will leave them.

I will be writing up some fluff for this army which will be based on actually ingame events so that will have to wait till I get a few games in.

Here is a picture of some Poison Wind Globadiers they are still work in progress but I dont have much left to do. Just need to finish the sword handles,fur,give the robes a very waterdowned brown wash and finish the actually globes. Also need to base them, not sure on what theme I am going for. One question do you think they look better with a small amount of blue or blue sleeves as well.

I got started on a Clanrat regiment today. Got 3 nearly done just need to do two more shields and finish there spears. Also not happy with the face on the one on the right.

I did these guys quick and to a fairly standard quality as they will be at the back of a 25 strong unit. I am not sure on the bases I like them but I think they blend in with the clanrats. Maybe I should add some kind of flock or something.

This month I am aimming to paint 20 clanrats and 5 Globadiers
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Those bases look so cool. Those rat ogres look pretty awesome as well + rep for you :good:
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