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Clan Skryre Blog

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So my gaming club is doing a tale of 13 gamers which was sparked by 8th edition. We each have 10 months to paint 2000pts. You can paint a unit or 200pts per month.

I have chosen to do a Skryre themed skaven army. This will be my first WFB army and the first proper time playing it. I have always liked skaven and when they got an update I thought about starting them. This was the perfect motivation.

Here is the list I am aiming to build.

Warlord,enchanted Shield,warlitter,foul pendant,weeping blade 195
Engineer-level 2, Shadow pendant, Warp energy condenser-150
Chieftain- BSB, Stormbanner,Great Weapon-124

25 Clanrats,spears,shields,full command,Doomflayer-200

25 Clanrats,spears,shields,full command,Warpfire thrower-215

25 Clanrats,spears,shields,Full command , Poisoned Wind Mortar-210

20 slaves-40
20 Slaves-40
15xGiant Rats, 2 Pack Masters-61

5xWarplock Jezzails-100
5xWarplock Jezzails-100
10x Poisoned Wind Globadiers, bombardier,death globe-130
7x Poisoned Wind Globadiers-70

Doom Wheel-150
Doom Wheel-150
Warplighting cannon-90

I tried to include all the units I loved and some that I knew would make cool conversions such as the warlitter. I also have some cool ideas for the slaves. I may mess around with the Poison wind guys as I am not sure there unit size is right but for now I will leave them.

I will be writing up some fluff for this army which will be based on actually ingame events so that will have to wait till I get a few games in.

Here is a picture of some Poison Wind Globadiers they are still work in progress but I dont have much left to do. Just need to finish the sword handles,fur,give the robes a very waterdowned brown wash and finish the actually globes. Also need to base them, not sure on what theme I am going for. One question do you think they look better with a small amount of blue or blue sleeves as well.

I got started on a Clanrat regiment today. Got 3 nearly done just need to do two more shields and finish there spears. Also not happy with the face on the one on the right.

I did these guys quick and to a fairly standard quality as they will be at the back of a 25 strong unit. I am not sure on the bases I like them but I think they blend in with the clanrats. Maybe I should add some kind of flock or something.

This month I am aimming to paint 20 clanrats and 5 Globadiers
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Hey, this all looks really cool. I was just about to say "hey, you're in luck, here comes Island of Blood!" but you beat me to it... by quite a while. Meh, the models look cool, and I definitely rate the banner!

Have some rep for your efforts! I still have yet to paint a whole, complete regiment (in more than four flat-colours paints + blood, that is!) in my, oh, I dunno, five years of being involved with the hobby.

Keep it up! Are you going to have any games with your Tale of 13? If yes, could you post the results? You'll probably IF any 13th spell you try and cast. In fact, the unfortunate number means as Skaven you're bound to win! :grin:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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