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Clan Raukaan (Iron Hand) 1500 Pts

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Hi all, I just composed an Iron Hand list.
See if you have any suggestions about this.

1 x MotF w/Iron Stone
4 x Servitors

2 x Tactical Squad (5 Men) w/Flamer and Melta Bomb
2 x Rhino
3 x Drop Pod w/Deathwind Launcher

1 x Ironclad Dreadnought w/Dual Heavy Flamer and Seismic Hammer
2 x Dreadnought w/Multi-Melta and Power Fist

--Fast Attack—
1 x Stromtalon w/Typhoon Missile Launcher

--Heavy Support—
1 x Stromraven w/TL-Lascannon and TL-Multi-Melta
2 x Dreadnought w/TL-Lascannon and Missile Launcher

As long as 2 servitors are alive, even a roll of 1 fix a hull point.
The entire army is generating HP from IWND on a 5+, or 4+ long as they are 6" within the MotF.

Battle Plan:
MotF and his robot friends go into the raven, staying reserved with Stromtalon.
3 Drop pods are composed of 2 vanilla Dread, 1 Ironclad.

Turn 1,
Drop both Vanilla and take out 1 Key Tank with Multi-Melta.
if that don't do the job, Shooty (TL-Lascannon and missile launcher) Dread will provide fire support.
Shooty Dread and Rhino stay behind a fortified ruins (3+ Cover), if night fight is in play, that's 2+ cover on turn 1.

Turn 2,
Roll for Raven + Talon reserve, as well as ironclad drops down to take out infantry from the destroyed transport by 2 Vanilla from turn 1, rhino go out and start fetching objectives.

Turn 3 and turn 4,
Raven + Talon should arrive, talon with typhoon will pick off tank from side armor, raven will fly right towards enemy line, dropping the MotF and servitors, all with AP 1 Melee Weapons, clean up the renaming hullpoints after raven fire at it.

If needed, marine from rhino will charge forward, both squad with flamers to clean up entrenched troop choices

Taking warlord trait from Clan Raukkan
WLT # 1 - Reroll fixing tank
WLT # 3 - +1 FnP
WLT # 6 - Warlord and unit he joins (Yes, the raven) re-roll 1 on shooting
WLT 2, 4, 5 are kinda weak, but that's what re-rolls are for.

Let me know what you guys think, and have a Merry Chirstmas.
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I think the 3 deathwinds can put a hurt on some hordes and thin them out early removing some of their bite. I love Iron Hands because I'm a treadhead at heart and have always like dreadnoughts.

The part I'm concerned with is yes, you have an unkillable Stormraven, but he's not buffing those It Will Not Die rolls very often because he's zooming around the board erratically. And when are those servitors going to die? If you keep it down at 2 you can save some points.

I know rhinos are great as cheap LOS blocking terrain. But I love razorbacks. It's because I like to kill stuff. I also hate MMs on regular dreads. You'd think hitting on a 3+ should be sweet. Maybe my dice just hate me, but if I've got a "need to kill" target Murphy's Law kicks me in the nads. Make them Venerable and hit on 2+. And laugh when you make them reroll on the damage table when they think they've blown it up with a lucky shot, then remove the hull point at the end of the turn. I also love heavy flamers on those guys just in case my opponent is feeling extra hordy.

I've also had great success putting 5 man tac squads into more pods and dropping all 3 dreads turn one. I also ran my MotF on a bike in a HB attack bike squad fixing things on 3+. I think I also ran 2 Thunderfire cannons. Definitely not necessary though. TLLC regular Dreads also work well out of pods by using their extra range to make up for drop podding's lacking mobility in the late game.
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Oh it's awesome. Especially since the points reduction in the codex. It can only be taken as an upgrade to the drop pod's normal storm bolter. It's a large blast with S5 but no AP. It's just made for eating lots of models with low toughness and bad armor. For me personally a few of these are a must have in a drop pod army which, other than flamers, hurts for anti-horde. And even against non-hordes it can still add a few wounds here and there. Basically the opposite of melta. Very useful in the right situation, but not completely useless if that perfect situation never presents itself.
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