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Hey Guys

Since my wife and i have decided that we are going to move to a bigger house, i have dusted off my old city gameboard plans. Here are the ideas and buildings i have completed.

Design ideas:

The board is 1,50x1,50m
Scene: Tropical ruined city
Layout: streets with cityfight buildings and changeable centrepiece.
- Ruined city with trenche
- Crash Site (from Macgragge set)
- in future maybe Fortress of Redemption
- in future maybe Bastions
- in future maybe Tyranids infestation (Cappilary towers, Spore Chimney and Broodnest and other vegitation)

the design on the board is simple.
From each side there is a road that leads to a open area in the city, each road has a pavement left and right from it that are about 4cm wide.
(i allready finished that part of the layout, but its behind furniture in store so i can't get to it yet. I'll post up a screen from my AutoCAD drawing thats on my work computer tomorrow)
On the outer sides of the board are the cityfight buildings we all know from GW (every building is modular)

These are the buildings for the sides (models shown for scale comparrison):
Sanctum 1

Sanctum 2

Administratum 1

Administratum 2

Manufactorum 1

Manufactorum 2

For Centrepiece Ruines and trenches


For Centrepiece Crash Site:

Urban Barricades:

I hope i told everything in my enthousiasm. Tomorrow i'll post up a screen from the AutoCAD Design

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Love the colourful Tau by the way...:eek:k:
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