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In this Homebrew version of the Cities of Death I'm tinkering with the Strategems a bit, making some universal and considered "taken" by all forces without using a strategem choice.

There are some things that I think should be universal truths in a City Battle, and not require the expenditure of a strategem to use it.

Limiting the number of available Strategems makes the number available per mission level broken. Use the following instead.


Key Buildings Strategems:
No change.

Dirty Tricks Strategems:
Master Snipers- If they are a sniper, then they are master shooters, specialists, so making this universal is a pretty small gift.

Plunging Fire- Dude, common sense says if you have the high ground, plunging fire is going to make it harder to hide.

All else is no change.

Armory Strategems:
Rapelling lines: This shouldn't be too complicated for any force using skimmers. I reckon if you're using skimmers, fast-roping would be standard.

All else is no change.

Obstacles Strategems:
These are all standard for every force.
Obstacles should be obstacles, tank traps tank traps, terrain should be what it is without taking special strategems to take it. They should be a gimme.

Deployment Strategems:
These are all standard for every force.
Why complicate this?


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Agreed, but I think it's more of a balancing issue than anything else that requires some of the strategems to be taken despite being common to all armies at all times in that environment.

Admittedly, I've always thought snipers ought to be significantly more powerful than they are-- those aren't bb guns that they're shooting into someone's forehead. As a balancing act, I'd change it from hitting on a 2+ to hitting on the model's BS -2 (so a BS4 model would hit on 5+ with it), but it be AP3. That way, it'd represent the impact of a high-powered rifle in the forehead better, and also represent the fact that it's kind of hard to line up those shots.
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