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Hello Heretics,

I am moving to new flat and I'd like to solve my problem with storing miniatures, paints, tools etc. I think I don't have to explain this cause almost everybody had that problem in past.

So to my question. Can you recommend any storage (preferably modular)? Or what do you use?

I prefer one single box where I can store all my paints, tools, basing materials, some miniatures etc.

I went offical way first - Citadel Project Box https://www.games-workshop.com/en-WW/Citadel-Project-Box

Price is steep but it is all-in-one box which I can pack anytime I'm done painting or modeling and store it anywhere easilly.

I am almost decided to buy this and it has quite positive reviews but I'd like to first hear from you about alternatives or you personal experiences with Project Box.
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