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Hey there,

Here is my experience with vindicators, they come best in pairs!
Your opponent is very likely to look at the board ask you "Is that a S10 AP2 pie plate you have there?", you will have to say "Sure thing". And then... Ohh boy... The amount of hurt that will befall your poor war machine. No amount of siege shields or Daemonic possession will safe it.
If you are looking to divert attention away from your Forgefiends, sure, that's one way to use it.

If you are looking for a deceptively low key firepower house, then the Havocs with autocannons will wreck some serious face as soon as something moves out of cover. Just ask a necron player, they hate autocannons with BS4.

By the by, Oblits are always an option! Try to proxy them for a match or two. They draw a lot of fire, they shoot back like nobody's business.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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