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Children of the Damned

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Children Of the Damned

(Before you read this I want to make this very clear THIS CHAPTER IS NOT PART OF THE FIRE HAWKS OR LEGION OF THE DAMNED! The reason for the name is because I am a avid fan of Iron Maiden and Children of the Damned is one of my favourite songs…now that we clarified that onwards with the show)

+Chapter Name: Children of the Damned+

+Chapter of Origin: Minotaurs+

+Date of Origin: 37 M+

+Home Planet: Fynwet+

+Chapter Master: Emyr “The Hollowed” Floyd+

+Fortress Monastery: Tangwyn (Based on Fynwet’s Moon)+

+Main Colours: Blue, Red, Black+

+Battle Cry: Captain: “We’re the Black Holes” Company Response “in his
Golden Stares”+

+Chapter Strength: ~800 Marines+

+History: Part of the 22nd Founding they were immediately founded from the Minotaurs before they disappeared. The homeworld for the chapter is Fynwet which is a Cemetery World, and even though there are no cities, it is said that when you venture through the planet you will see the Marines of this chapter wandering the tombs of the dead that inhabit the world. Only the Inquisition and other Space Marine Chapters have had communication with the Children of the Damned, and this has given them a mysterious aura around them. The Children keep to themselves mostly, but like their father chapter they will come to their brothers from other chapters aid, and have been seen doing so in Armageddon and Cadia, but usually they never are involved in many smaller battles, as they are a respectfully small chapter.+

+Specialty: The Children inherited the same prowess in close combat and fast assaults from the Minotaurs. However they have also spent centuries on art of camouflage and ambushes which they showed in a total of 9 Warbosses assassinated in the third Armageddon war. They also served in the aid of the Minotaurs in their attack on the Astral Claws, but since they were a small reinforcement they weren’t marked as a major event in the Administratum knowledge machines. +

+Brothers Betrayed: Originally set at a 12 company Chapter the Children were struck with a horrifying event, as Assassin Asaid Virenus assassinated the Chapter Master, Cledwn Cynfur under the hire of 8th Company’s Captain Urien Wid. This event started the rebelling of the 6th, 7th, and 8th Companies. After fighting for four decades the loyal Children were able to quell the three traitor companies, but not without heavy losses which resulted in the loss of 3rd Company and over half of 10th, and 11th Companies. However for this major upstart they were able to keep it in their ranks and no outside forces discovered the destruction of practically half a chapter’s worth of marines.+
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A few fluff discrepancies...

The 22nd Founding occurred in M.37, the millennium after the Minotaurs were founded.

Your Chapter might have participated in the 3rd War for Armageddon but not the 2nd- there were only 3 Chapters who deployed in the 2nd War, the Blood Angels, Salamanders, and the Ultramarines.

I presume the Assassin hired by the 8th Company Captain wasn't an Imperial Assassin (i.e. from one of the Temples- Vindicare, Eversor etc) because you can't just 'hire' one, they work solely for the High Lords of Terra not the Astartes.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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