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Cheddar Marines, cheesing up a 2K list.

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This coming 3 day weekend I've been invited to a game at s friend's place with his usual gaming group. These guys were the most excited to hear about Unbound Armies that I can think of and they really cheese it up something fierce. As an example, I know the Eldar player is bringing the following:

2 Avatars
2 Farseers on Jetbike
10 Warp Spiders
3 Wraith Lords
2 Wraith Knights

And I'm sure the Tau player will have a crap ton of Riptides and Broadsides. Typically, I do not design my army lists with the extreme end of winning in mind. I usually write my lists for fun and try to keep it fairly balanced or themed, but, I won't be able to survive the first couple of turns against something like Typhus, 150 Zombies, and 3 Helldrakes with my usual list writing. I'm the only Marine player that will show up and I know that the others will be Eldar, Tau, Chaos, Tyranids, Chaos/Daemons, and Tau/Eldar. With that in mind, I'm not sure which direction to take things in. My preliminary list looks like the following.

Combat squad with Lasback
Scouts w/Telion
Stormtalon w/TLLC
Predator w/TLLC, LC sponsons, Chronus
2 KnightTitans
ADL w/Quadgun

And that's about it. I'm a little on the stumped side with this and wouldn't mind some input as to the direction I should take.
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Eh. You mean what a great 5th edition game 4th edition SM-Dex list...

AV11 is wetpaper bag thin. You're going up against Wraith Knights and Broadsides. 5 TL Lascannon shots will do zilch, and that's what... 300pts down the drain?

Knights aren't so much the threat when the enemy can bring as many tank busting points - they're the one major threat you have, and unless you can bring like 7 to the party, you're SoL. There was a battle report of an army that had 3 knights facing against a load of Orks. Orks have about the weakest ranged AT in the game, and despite that, the shit ton of rockets just brought them down.

Cheese is pretty much something marines cannot do, because they're so anti-polarised in their approach. Meanwhile, Eldar are so focused on doing one job that it's easy to stack bonus on bonus on bonus to one particular aspect, and force you to come to them.

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