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Cheddar Marines, cheesing up a 2K list.

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This coming 3 day weekend I've been invited to a game at s friend's place with his usual gaming group. These guys were the most excited to hear about Unbound Armies that I can think of and they really cheese it up something fierce. As an example, I know the Eldar player is bringing the following:

2 Avatars
2 Farseers on Jetbike
10 Warp Spiders
3 Wraith Lords
2 Wraith Knights

And I'm sure the Tau player will have a crap ton of Riptides and Broadsides. Typically, I do not design my army lists with the extreme end of winning in mind. I usually write my lists for fun and try to keep it fairly balanced or themed, but, I won't be able to survive the first couple of turns against something like Typhus, 150 Zombies, and 3 Helldrakes with my usual list writing. I'm the only Marine player that will show up and I know that the others will be Eldar, Tau, Chaos, Tyranids, Chaos/Daemons, and Tau/Eldar. With that in mind, I'm not sure which direction to take things in. My preliminary list looks like the following.

Combat squad with Lasback
Scouts w/Telion
Stormtalon w/TLLC
Predator w/TLLC, LC sponsons, Chronus
2 KnightTitans
ADL w/Quadgun

And that's about it. I'm a little on the stumped side with this and wouldn't mind some input as to the direction I should take.
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that list of yours is no cheese!
i'd go, if unbound:
2 knights
5 razolaser
5 tac squads with lascannon
aegis+quadgun (even razorbacks can get that nice 4+ cover save)
3 drop pds with dreadnought + heavy flamer
the rest of the points at your discretion i suggest an assassin

well, razorlasers are cheesy due to twinlinked lascannons. lasplas are cheesy only if you reach 24", otherwise are just worse.
droppods are cheesy due to turn 1 "alpha strike" with multi melta or hflamer to cripple any horde or heavy armoured target. then, 2 dreddy in the backfield, turn1, will force any opponent to delay a unit or two in stopping them, whereas 2 rifledreads would onluy provide str7 shots (unneeded due to 12 lascannons) and just force the opponent to rush at you even faster. the lascannon spam + 3 dreddy dropping backfield will force opponent to delay his advance or advance splittet, which is sweet. Also, drop pods..well, they score. so enemy have to remove them as well if you plant them 3" from an bjective, while the pods can concentrate their 3 storm bolters on squishy backfielders, maybe forcing a morale test (think about our usual token cultist squad or the other usual minimal fire warriors cadre). cheese, for me, is not only about uber units, its also about proper planning :wink:
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guys, if we compare every list to eldar overpowered builds, then we might just say to the OP, "hey man, why don't you play eldar?" Not even the dreaded biker list of doom stand a chance against a fully kitted serpent spam + wraithknight list. SO what? 2 knights, 20 bikers with gravguns and 5 vindicare assassins? 2 knights and 8 full tactical squads combasquadded in drop pods? As said before SM aint cheesy. one do what he can, whit what he has...still, i haven't seen many more cheesy or competitive suggestion.
some major tournaments in 7th ed.
well, like which ones? in tourney outcomes i've read about the usual 2-3 xeno list placing on the top 3. honestly in local and minor tourneys overseas it's the old same eldar list that wins. Which major tourneys? besides...space marines CAN be good and need a gaming approach completely different from space sissies because they are not cheesy as the latter. i know space marines can be good , but...eldar/tau good? don't think so.
oh i forgot abot BAO, you are right.
but i think we agree on you second sentence. fact is that a counter to such list is so hard tailored (i play chaos and DE, so i might have a problem with this) that usully gets trumped by any other half decent list... about tau, it's just like eldar, only even less funny and mobile...just a bot that plays for you, reverting the player to a dice rolling machine. oh, the fun...
well that is exactly what i was aiming for with my list :p
stormtalons are truly a nice touch
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