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Cheddar Marines, cheesing up a 2K list.

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This coming 3 day weekend I've been invited to a game at s friend's place with his usual gaming group. These guys were the most excited to hear about Unbound Armies that I can think of and they really cheese it up something fierce. As an example, I know the Eldar player is bringing the following:

2 Avatars
2 Farseers on Jetbike
10 Warp Spiders
3 Wraith Lords
2 Wraith Knights

And I'm sure the Tau player will have a crap ton of Riptides and Broadsides. Typically, I do not design my army lists with the extreme end of winning in mind. I usually write my lists for fun and try to keep it fairly balanced or themed, but, I won't be able to survive the first couple of turns against something like Typhus, 150 Zombies, and 3 Helldrakes with my usual list writing. I'm the only Marine player that will show up and I know that the others will be Eldar, Tau, Chaos, Tyranids, Chaos/Daemons, and Tau/Eldar. With that in mind, I'm not sure which direction to take things in. My preliminary list looks like the following.

Combat squad with Lasback
Scouts w/Telion
Stormtalon w/TLLC
Predator w/TLLC, LC sponsons, Chronus
2 KnightTitans
ADL w/Quadgun

And that's about it. I'm a little on the stumped side with this and wouldn't mind some input as to the direction I should take.
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Well, everyone, thanks for the recommendations I ended up running the following list. I present my "Fuck Off!" Space Marines list.

HQ 110
Master of the Forge w/C Beamer
Troops 540
Combat Squad w/Lascannon
Combat Squad w/Lascannon
Combat Squad w/Lascannon
Combat Squad w/Lascannon
Combat Squad w/Lascannon
Combat Squad w/Lascannon
Elite 480
Sternguard w/2 Lascannons
Sternguard w/2 Lascannons
Sternguard w/2 Lascannons
Fast 420
Stormtalon w/Twin Linked Lascannons
Stormtalon w/Twin Linked Lascannons
Stormtalon w/Twin Linked Lascannons
Heavy 450
Devastator Squad w/4 Lascannons
Devastator Squad w/4 Lascannons
Devastator Squad w/4 Lascannons

Needless to say, I won and asked to come back when I have a better list. I don't get it... they didn't win and didn't have fun? I did. I don't think they didn't like getting it up the ass.
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:shok: that is a fuck-ton of Lascannons.
Yup, it sure is. There was barely a care given when I wrote this list.

well that is exactly what i was aiming for with my list :p
stormtalons are truly a nice touch
Well, it served its purpose very well. Flashlight death was awesome. The Chaos player had a jaw dropping moment when a Dev squad had one lucky snap shot to knock down the first Heldrake and three Stormtalons took the other two in a quick instance.

The Eldar player with the Wraith Lords & Knights had a moment of Derp when he thought that he was getting the objectives til it dawned in him that mine was a battleforged list and had objective secured in my favour. Not to mention I paint & play Crimson Fists so I had IF chapter tactics on my side and that made the Devs a bit more of a threat.
Do you actually own that many Lascannon models? I would actually love to face this list. I'd likely lose, but it would be hella fun.
Sadly, I do and I almost gave them away. I inherited them from a couple of retiring players and a bitz auction on eBay. 24 of those suckers actually sitting on the table can be a bit over the top, admittedly. But, when looking across the table at 7 Riptides and other odd ball stuff, its not so bad.
I really like where you took the list. It was great that you were able to strip it back to nothing-but-lascannons. Getting rid of all those characters and diverse units to focus it on implementing one tactic very well. (I play Vendetta's over Stormtalons. They're cheaper with a lot moar lascannon, but no ceramite.)

Also, I feel you satisfied your goal of cheese. In that it seems to me like 'cheese' in wargaming carries a sense of gambit and a sense of minimaxing. To me your list does both!
Min/Max abounds. It is, in all honesty, not a fun list to play for or against. The Master of the Forge is especially heinous at range with some terrain to stand on. When S10 AP1 Blast, from the C-Beam, hits from across the table it jacks a few things up when it hits. But, it was my only alternative to not having a Chapter Master like I wanted with his Orbital Bombardment. But, the C-Beam is able to fire more than once though.
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