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Cheddar Marines, cheesing up a 2K list.

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This coming 3 day weekend I've been invited to a game at s friend's place with his usual gaming group. These guys were the most excited to hear about Unbound Armies that I can think of and they really cheese it up something fierce. As an example, I know the Eldar player is bringing the following:

2 Avatars
2 Farseers on Jetbike
10 Warp Spiders
3 Wraith Lords
2 Wraith Knights

And I'm sure the Tau player will have a crap ton of Riptides and Broadsides. Typically, I do not design my army lists with the extreme end of winning in mind. I usually write my lists for fun and try to keep it fairly balanced or themed, but, I won't be able to survive the first couple of turns against something like Typhus, 150 Zombies, and 3 Helldrakes with my usual list writing. I'm the only Marine player that will show up and I know that the others will be Eldar, Tau, Chaos, Tyranids, Chaos/Daemons, and Tau/Eldar. With that in mind, I'm not sure which direction to take things in. My preliminary list looks like the following.

Combat squad with Lasback
Scouts w/Telion
Stormtalon w/TLLC
Predator w/TLLC, LC sponsons, Chronus
2 KnightTitans
ADL w/Quadgun

And that's about it. I'm a little on the stumped side with this and wouldn't mind some input as to the direction I should take.
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What a great 5th ed list!

I would hesitate to call Razorbacks of any variety 'cheesy'. Tau, Eldar and Tyranids will rip it apart with ease if they're truly 'cheesy' lists (presumably with more teeth than the Eldar one you posted or the Chaos zombie example, which I would be hesitant to call 'cheesy'). Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods are... kind of shitty. 2 fragile vehicles with no other deep-striking threats? Yeah, the Knights are fast, but the Dreadnoughts will drop down, kill a thing with shooting, then die horribly. Very expensive way of doing it.

I'd go with a closer-range fighting style, to support those Knights. Knights, even two of them, are kind of easy to bring down if they're the only thing that's pressuring your opponent. I'd want a lot of Drop Pod threats (that means using Combat Squads!), or a bunch of special weapons in the Rhinos if you're wanting to run a more mechanised force. The *best* would be Bikes, I think, since they're very good at working with Knights, but I take it you don't have the models or inclination to build a biker list.
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guys, if we compare every list to eldar overpowered builds, then we might just say to the OP, "hey man, why don't you play eldar?" Not even the dreaded biker list of doom stand a chance against a fully kitted serpent spam + wraithknight list. SO what? 2 knights, 20 bikers with gravguns and 5 vindicare assassins? 2 knights and 8 full tactical squads combasquadded in drop pods? As said before SM aint cheesy. one do what he can, whit what he has...still, i haven't seen many more cheesy or competitive suggestion.
I really hate to tell you this, but Space Marines have done really well and sometimes outshone Eldar and Tau in some major tournaments in 7th ed.

Eldar ain't nearly unbeatable.

In terms of 'cheese', yeah, Eldar have one gimmick they do really well because Phil Kelly's shitty at internal balance. Space Marines have a bunch of solid options - they can make a decent competitive list out of Drop Pods, Bikers or Mech.
Space Marines won and also placed solidly throughout the Bay Area Open, beating Tau and Eldar in the top 5. I know that's an isolated example, I'd need to do some searching for more though.

Codex: Space Marines is a good book that can run multiple builds effectively. Okay, maybe each one isn't *quite* as effective as that one Eldar build or that one Tau build, but they're certainly close and can be diverse (and therefore surprising) into the bargain.

The Eldar list, for certain, isn't invincible. I've played against it with Orks and Dark Angels; it's boring and it dies to counters, like everything. I haven't played the Tau uber-list yet, however, so I cannot speak for it.
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