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Some time passed and we've got two more Tales finished. What "Tales"? We mean "Tales of Gamers" - the special project run by a few of our users. If you want to learn more about it check the Tale of Gamers rules.

You've probably seen the Mordheim Tomb Kings by sea.man already, but now Nameless managed to finish his Kir Danaar Craftworld Eldar and Arctica completed painting his excellent Ork Pirate Crew. All the finished projects are posted to the Tale of Gamers gallery and additional pictures (definitely worth seeing!) are posted in the respective threads of each project.

In the meantime several new participants joined the fun! Now you can check more projects than before, including: Necrons a.k.a. Flying Trash by Slawol, Iron Warriors by Loler, Biel Tan Eldar by Redav, Yellow Fists by Pandadosmares, Necromunda Plague Gang by Demi_morgana, Cryx Warband by ToMaZ and Battle of Lundy's Lane by Coyote.

Who's going to complete his project and who's going to fail? Why don't you show your support and cheer for the participants in their threads?

And maybe you would like to participate too? Why should you? Well, to motivate yourself, to have fun, and to become a famous celebrity ;) OK, we're not 100% serious about it, but why shouldn't you give it a try. It doesn't take any special skills to do it. Tabletop quality painting is definitely enough to become another Tale of Gamers painter! And the satisfaction and a little internet fame will be very rewarding for sure :)
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