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Chapter tactics

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I've been looking at space marine chapter tactics that could help out my army. Salamanders would be very good for my sternguard and sniper scouts a master crafted Combi weapon or sniper yes please. My vanguard veterans I was thinking raven guard because using jump packs in movement and assualt is very helpful. To finish obviously my bikers should be white scars. What does everyone else think???
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That would only net you 2 chapter tactics total. Your primary and ally, unless this is Unbound.
Says who? PG. 118, 7th ed. BRB:

There is no limit to the number of Detachments a Battle-forged army can
include and you can use any mixture of Detachments you have available
, within the
restrictions of the rules that follow. However, all of the units in your army must
belong to a Detachment and no unit can belong to more than one Detachment.
If you choose to use a Battle-forged army, you must tell your opponent what units belong
to what Detachments and what Command Benefits each will receive (if any) before you
start deploying your army.
Enjoy your multiple Combined Arms and Allied Detachments, marine. My favourites are White Scars and Imperial Fists.
Pretty sure each set of chapter tactics is treated as a seperate codex.
Not quite, but you're still right. It's a bit weird though, I can't seem to find anything about not being allowed to take the same faction in multiple Combined Arms Detachments, though I'm not ruling it out just yet. Under Selecting Detachments on pg. 120 it says again that 'you can include any number and type of Detachments in a Battle-Forged army provided you have sufficient units' with no reference to Factions at all. However, it's not that which puts the kibosh on the SM allied fun, the SM FAQ states in replacement of the Allies section of their Codex:

Space Marines can be taken in an Allied Detachment even if your army's Primary Detachment contains units with the Space Marines Faction, provided they have a different set of Chapter Tactics. Units in these Detachments are treated as Battle Brothers
Which I think is what proves your point irrevocably. I guess I'm spoiled though playing IF, BA, and DA. They're all separate codices, so I'd still be free to ally in a White Scars Allied Detachment no worries as I would only have the two allowed Detachments as per the FAQ.

Nuts! Sorry to sidetrack the thread with such thick text. At least it kinda pertains to the subject...:blush:
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