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Chapter Tactics when using two Space Marine special characters?

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If you were using two Space Marine special characters in a tourney list, say Pedro and Lysander, would there be any injunction in the rules against using different chapter tactics in different battles, or would it depend on the tournament?
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The Chapter Tactic you use is not an option or upgrade nor any part of your Army list. Say when you deploy it.

Its not a question of it costing points or not, it matters if it's an army choice. It is not an Army Choice to decide which rule you use when. In the same way you are not compelled to say which IC is in which unit or which unit is riding in which transport you do not need to declare this.

You have no choice but to accept this list, in tournies anyway which is what we're talking about. It's codex legal and that's all that matters.

So you will tell me every special rule all your units have and when they will apply in your Army list then? You'll write down each tactical squad which will choose to fail any leadership check it makes. I mean deciding on the fly in a tactical situation would be unfair and so you must write it on your Army list and stick by it.

Any unit which can outflank or deep strike will be written down on your army list which option it is taking and it MUST do that in every game. That kind of tactical flexibility is totally unfair to not do so.

You choose psychic powers from a list so there's an element of choice involved in that which does not happen here.

I don't see anything unfair in doing this or anything even unreasonable.

isn't this sort of pointless as he said Pedro and Lysander...the 2 which have the same ability to make everyone stubbon.
For any other i would say the following.
For Freindly games - Ya fine chose the one you want
For Doubles(Torny or friendly) - Only YOUR army gets it
For Tornys - Clear it with the orginiser but otherwise chose before the game
It's pointless in relation to Pedro and Lysander as you would Always choose Pedro's rules

But it matters is you have say Pedro and Khan or Calgar and Shrike for example.

Choose before each game seem the most reasonable answer

1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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