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Chapter Tactics when using two Space Marine special characters?

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If you were using two Space Marine special characters in a tourney list, say Pedro and Lysander, would there be any injunction in the rules against using different chapter tactics in different battles, or would it depend on the tournament?
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Since the codex doesn't specify the timing of choosing which to use I would say it would be up to the TO.

Personally I would say you must stick with one for the duration of the tourney.
This is not from personal experience, but don't some tournaments allow you to change lists between battles? If that were the case, I would say pick at the beginning of the battle. Otherwise, stick to one. If everyone has the same list, it is a cheese way to try to get the benefit of two lists.
Surely you'd just tell your opponent before deployment- nothing in your list changes so I don't see where the problem would occur.
Combat tactics would change. Not a massive change by any means, but a change nonetheless.

Be pointless to really argue it here, what guy should do is ask the tourney organizer and get a ruling there. That's who will make the final judgment.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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