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Chapter Tactics when using two Space Marine special characters?

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If you were using two Space Marine special characters in a tourney list, say Pedro and Lysander, would there be any injunction in the rules against using different chapter tactics in different battles, or would it depend on the tournament?
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I'm going to agree with Aramoro on this.

Essentially, the player is taking two overly expensive HQ options for the ability to choose a tactical advantage. He is paying for that option, indirectly, with the cost of the model. He is not altering anything on his list in between battles.

Aramoro's example is spot on... a unit that can deep strike has the option to do so- you don't need to make that choice until deployment. An army with two options for Combat Tactics shouldn't have to either.
A. How is tournament play supported by fluff in any way?
B. How is it against fluff that two SM commanders would not defer to the other if one had a better strategy for taking down their opponents?
But by doing so fairly, which means you stick with the same army from game to game.
I'm sorry, DeathKlokk, but I fail to see how an army list that includes two characters with Chapter Tactics changes from game to game.

I mean, sure, the army's tactics might differ from game to game, but how is it different than changing your overall strategy from game to game based on what your opponent plays?

Your list doesn't play the same regardless of who you fight... you would have a different strategy for facing a tau gunline than you would ork mobs, right? You design the list to "take on all comers"- A list with multiple chapter tactics options can choose what rule takes precedence, just as you would decide what units infiltrate, deep strike, or outflank... depending on who the comer is. I think it holds true to both the spirit and the letter of the concept.

The player makes one legal list, submits one list, plays one list, and doesnt alter his list in any way throughout the tournament. His strategy for beating opponents changes from game to game. I don't see how its not valid.
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In my head, its actually a sub-optimal choice anyway. Whenever I have seen someone choose such a special character, the army is usually built to take advantage of the Chapter Tactics...

Having two different options either splits the focus of the army, which waters down the effect of either Tactic- or it renders one choice clearly better in almost all circumstances.

You would be much better off building a balanced list that took advantage of one tactic, than trying to mix and match two.

If I saw someone do it, I'd say more power to ya. It's legal, it's a non-changing army list, and the person playing it probably put in a lot of time trying to get his army to synergize.
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