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Chapter Tactics when using two Space Marine special characters?

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If you were using two Space Marine special characters in a tourney list, say Pedro and Lysander, would there be any injunction in the rules against using different chapter tactics in different battles, or would it depend on the tournament?
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I see it as using every possible advantage that your army offers for any given situation. It is using a rule to it's full potential. C:SM is all about tactical flexibility, and this is but one example. I say it is acceptable, slightly shady, but acceptable.
I am not saying it is unacceptable, merely cheesy power-gaming that is not supported in the fluff.

Maybe it is just me that sticks to these rules.
Tournament play is all about being a cheese spamming power gamer, plain and simple. No fluff, just kicking ass and taking objectives.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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