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Name of Chapter between these

Chapter name *Poll*

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This is a new topic that rounds down my names for my chapter from the other topic.

Please comment!
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Well mate, not much to your surprise I've voted for "Iron Dragons".

If you do go with "Steel Dragons" and want to go down the hair-metal route, I'd advise getting a box of Empire Flagellants from Fantasy and nicking their heads. Much easier than sculpting GS, I reckon... :wink:

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I voted Steel Dragons... just sounds cooler to me and it could apply to any space marine chapter just in case you want to change the theme of your army around. Iron makes me think of a rusty old ship.. last 2 just didnt sit well.
Iron dragons - 40.00%
Steel Dragons - 46.67%
Dragons of Mechanis - 10.00%
Brotherhood of Mechanis - 3.33%

So steel dragons is winning.
ok 5 more days untill i wont listen to votes

because im buying my first squad then.
If this helps.

They are looters.
i chose brother hood because i didnt really like any of them much. Still good dont get me wrong, just not my cup of tea.
Thats fine.
I had to go with Iron Dragons. I love the movie Rockstar but I just couldn't keep a straight face with an army named after the band in it lol.
I'd go with Steel Dragons. Sounds sharper (as in the blade sense of the word) and shineer. I'm a magpie I know lol
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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