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Chaplain on a Bike

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Can a chaplain on a bike join a tactical or attack squad? This idea was brought up in another thread and I can't find anything that says that he cannot.

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Heeeee's coming..., and on a bike this time ;/
I used my new Chaplain on a bike tonight and found that he was very effective. The turbo boast giving him a 2+ inv. save really soaked up a lot of heavy fire and he still lived!
This is definitely a great configuration to use for an HQ choice:
-Chappy on a bike
-Artificer armour with Terminator honours
-Bolt pistol
-Frag grenade &
-Teleport homer(Brings my Termies to Me in enemy area)
All right. I changed the head on this guy..., do you think this one works better?:wink:
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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