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Chaplain on a Bike

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Can a chaplain on a bike join a tactical or attack squad? This idea was brought up in another thread and I can't find anything that says that he cannot.

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also bear in mind that he will suffer from majority toughness when part of a squad, so apart from gettig a twin linked bolter and the turbo boost, it may be more cost effective to just give him a jump pack to dart between squads
that is why you join the squad that is about to assault on your turn. you will only have to worry about it if you massacure and can't sweep into another squad. not to worry though, you'll hve to take a hit on any remaining marines before he has to save any way. If he does take a save you're taking huge amounts of fire any way so the extra toughness does not help as much.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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