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Chaplain on a Bike

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Can a chaplain on a bike join a tactical or attack squad? This idea was brought up in another thread and I can't find anything that says that he cannot.

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The only restriction regarding bikes is that if the chaplain has a retinue he may not be mounted on a bike.

But, as mentioned, no transports and he has top move 6" when joined up. Might be best to leave him unattached and just *near* the squad. There's not really any advantage to having him join the squad since ICs can;t be shot at if there's a closer target
Well Litanies of Hate and Fearless are good reasons to attach him to the squad. What I've seen happen is the Chaplian joins one squad, assualts with the squad and wipes out a unit. In his next turn he leaves that unit, joins another unit, and assualts with them into another unit. Moving 12" allows them to jump around to join whatever squad needs him the most.

But it is a good tactic to not have him joined to the squad prior to your turn so that if some one say "lashes" the unit and assualts it then the chaplian isnt lost with that unit as well. This way the chaplian stays viable to join a second unit to give you an excellent counter assualt.
Yeah but using the Turbo Boost to get across the board into a diffrent squad could be extremely helpfull but as you say it could be more point effictient in smaller games to get a mobile chappy.
Also Majority Toughness only counts for shooting purposes.. In CC he fights as a seperate unit so all attacks at him MUST take his improved toughness into account.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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