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Ya know, I keep looking at this list and comparing it with my own lists for Eldar, IG, and SoBs and I really can't find a glaring weakness. It doesn't really fit my style, but I understand why you made the choices you did, and the list seems pretty solid. As long as you can get your units across the field to deal with armour, and your Termies, Prince, and Rhino Squads can do that pretty well at 1500pts, then you'll be just fine. I like the inclusion of the Autocannon Havocs. Chaos Glory is the best Icon for them in my opinion as well. I'm not that big a fan of Vindicators, but it is a good choice in most Chaos lists. The only choice I'm really iffy on is the Flamer for the Raptors. I'd rather see some sort of anti-tank here as well, just in case you end up on a flank with too many vehicles and not enough infantry.
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