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Chaos vs Eldar 400pts

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Same as any other Combat patrol, same least, different opponent.

Squad Harvarnu (10 Chaos Marines)
Aspiring Champion Harvanu with Power Sword and twin-linked bolter
Heavy Bolter Julianus
Plasma Gunner Quinson
And other 7 Marines

Squad Ryalon (10 Chaos Marines)
Aspiring Champion Ryalon with Power Sword and twin-linked bolter
Heavy Bolter Kevinus
Flamer Tyrus
And 7 other Marines

And Once more, it will be through the eyes of my Characters :D

(Ryalon in command once more)

The Eldar Guardians were becoming increasingly annoying now, their shuriken weapons chipped and knawed at the Power Armour of his Marines. Twice his Marines had been ambushed, and twice they had butchered all the Eldar responsible. Now, heavy weapon platforms had been brought, and they were far stronger than the shuriken rifles. Rylon had taken a hit and it had sent him to the ground.

Kevinus had managed to keep one squad pinned and had torn a platform apart, the Heavy Bolter rounds tearing through it. Now and then, little puffs of blood appeared, as an Eldar was struck. Tyrus was anxious, unable to get close enough to use his flamer.

"Harvanu's squad have encountered problem inside those trees sir, a possible anti-armour platform is in there also" said Kevinus as he ceased firing.

"I need them in position in order to destroy the enemy snipers in that building Kevinus, get them moving so we can end this now!" snarled Ryalon as a sniper shot pinged off his shoulder guard.

The snipers were certainly effective, waiting until the troops had begun beating the Chaos Marines with heavy fire so they could fire with less risk. And it was slowly wearing the Chaos Marines under Ryalon's patience awfully thin.

"Tyrus, get your flamer prepped, Kevinus, contact Harvanu and tell him to pull back to our position, we're going in hard and fast" said Ryalon.

Kevinus nodded to his Champion, hefting his Heavy Bolter off the wall so he could relay the message. Tyrus was certainly pleased, holding his flamer and has his chain sword drawn.

"When Harvanu's squad gets here, we'll provide covering fire and allow his warriors to advance to the ruin to our right, do you hear me Midnight Fangs!?" he shouted.

"We hear you Champion!" shouted all his warriors in near perfect timing.

As though to prove a point, Harvanu's squad arrived, however, they were missing three warriors. And Harvanu's shoulder guard was scorched and dented.

"Enemy have an anti-armour weapon dug in at the trees, I lost two warriors to it" he said crouching beside Ryalon.

"We'll retrieve their bodies Brother, but only when these fools have been destroyed!" said Ryalon.

Looking at the marking of each warrior, Ryalon noticed that Quinson was not present. And as three were missing, and Harvanu had only stated that two had fallen to enemy fire, Ryalon felt anger festing in his soul. Quinson had fallen to his own weapon, and had ashamed Harvanu in this.

To fall to the enemy is an honourable death, to fall to your own weapon is shameful, and that shame was to be carried on by the squad.

"Position your men so you can run to those ruins over there, we'll provide all the fire we can" said Ryalon.

Harvanu nodded, and passed the order on, his warriors taking an offensive formation. Ryalon nodded to Kevinus and the Heavy Bolter was hefted back onto the wall.

"Pin the snipers!" roared Ryalon as his squad opened up on the building.

The chattering Heavy Bolter and the blazing Bolt Guns sent enough bolt to take down a squad of Astartes into the snipers. And Harvanu's squad tore across the open terrain to reach the ruins.

One of his squad fell to a sniper shot, and the sniper who claimed this kill soon suffered a worse fate. The bolt detonating in his gut, and tearing him messily in two.

Harvanu's squad instantly began firing at the building, and Ryalon was pleased to see that none of the snipers were even trying to return fire.

"For the Chapter!" he shouted, leaping over the wall and running full sprint towards the building.

His warriors leapt over the wall after him, or in Kevinus' case, through it, Tyrus was right on his Champion's heels. The Eldar taking cover in the trees began trying to support their snipers, but found it hard to manouver in the trees with their platform. And in less than a minute, the Chaos Marines were at the base of the building.

"Tyrus, burn them out of their hole!" roared Ryalon as Harvanu's squad turned their attention on the trees.

Tyrus kicked the door in, thrusting his flamer in before him, and moved slowly in. For a second, it seemed the snipers had moved, until there was a gout of flame spewing forth from above them. Screams and shouts erupted from the second floor, and the burning bodies of seven snipers fell from the windows. With the horned helmet of Tyrus peeking out the window to admire the work of his flamer.

"Champion Ryalon, the Eldar forces are retreating, permission to pursue?" came Harvanu's voice.

"Do it Brother, kill those fools then return to your fallen warriors" said Ryalon.

Looking to the trees, Ryalon saw shapes fleeing out of them, a couple falling to the bolter fire of his warriors. Harvanu's squad was tearing after them. And after five minutes, the Warriors returned, bloodied and walking proud.

"None lived Champion Ryalon, they all died, slowly and painfully" came the satisfied voice of Harvanu.

Another victory with only four losses :laugh: And I loved the fact that Harvanu's squad caught up to them despite being 20" away, he got 3 double 1s in a row :so_happy:

And once they were in combat, it was short, only three were still standing, and they all fell to Harvanu's power sword :p
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Tearing up some poor xenos... some Marines just have no gallantry.

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